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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    I think this guy uses periods and is on one.
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    Wheels coming off at SC

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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Well, she had plenty of padding🤓
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    Watching UK and AU

    Amazing how well the cheaters are doing in the SEC.
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    The Official Tennessee @ Mississippi State Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPNU

    So Miss St shoots 30 FT to UT’s 13? Game, Set, Match....not going to win....period.
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    SEC OFFICIAL NANCE [bumps Barnes]

    That guy should never ref another game in the SEC. He crossed a line and has no business being a ref.
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    On the timely subject of basketball officiating

    Yes, both played and some refereeing and what players and coaches want is fairness and consistency. Once you understand how the game will be called you can adjust if the officials stay consistent with their calls. The best referees are the ones you rarely notice. They may caution players to...
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    SEC OFFICIAL NANCE [bumps Barnes]

    These refs are corrupt. No way these are just “missed” calls.
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    You will get out rebounded when in early foul trouble. The refs allowed A&M to play extremely physical and UT couldn't match it. IMHO.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Texas A&M Game Thread, 6:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    The poor refereeing is making these games unwatchable.
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Kirby sits to wee wee.....CJP stands.🕶
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    When do I burn the mattress?😁
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    Geaux SEC

    Coach O is a Louisiana boy. LSU has done something unique in that it doesn't matter what school you graduated from in Louisiana, everyone has LSU gear and supports the Tigers. They have done an amazing marketing job statewide. I don't think CJP will ever be a "Tennessee Boy" but he can be a...
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    '18 TN OL/DL Cade Mays (Transfer)

    Kirby be a punk-ss buddyroe🤓.
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    '18 TN OL/DL Cade Mays (Transfer)

    Welcome home Cade....and go VOLS!!!
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    Santiago Vescovi

    I said the exact same thing about his resemblance to Gail Goodrich. The game and moments when you need a score don’t seem too big for SV!
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    Santiago Vescovi

    This young man is a difference maker. He was the catalyst for the Missouri win and seems to make those around him better. In basketball, if you can score under pressure, you can demoralize the opposing team. With 6 minutes left in the Missouri game, Vescovi scores 12 points just killing any...
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    Rutgers 2020 QB?

    I agree! This young man has taken some hits that most normal players don’t get up from. For what ever reason, JG is hesitant or unsure and he either holds the ball too long or is late on open throws. Wish him the best whatever his decision!

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