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  1. Thunder Good-Oil

    Best debut album ?

    Boston, the Cars, and Van Halen all highlighted relatively new sounds. Tom Scholz's Power Soak, the phased electronic drums with the Cars, and EVH's use of hammers (tapping) and the dive bomb whammy (Hendrix used it a lot, but not necessarily many others did for nearly a decade).
  2. Thunder Good-Oil

    Best debut album ?

    Boston and the Beatles are what first popped into my head when I saw the thread title. Then Van Halen also. Saw BadCo posted above too. But my favorite is probably Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd. Throw in Second Helping and it'd be hard to find a better debut AND follow up. With the possible...
  3. Thunder Good-Oil

    Future Jersey Number Retirements?

    There are only 36 numbers. We need to stop retiring numbers and instead display jerseys. I think that Dale Ellis actually wore 2 different numbers. What number was Ron Widby? Already: 53 22 20 14 And is Reggie Johnson's number/jersey even in the TBA rafters yet?
  4. Thunder Good-Oil

    Standing ovation for Admiral

    Lanier was pretty young but kind of flamed out as the head coach at Siena. He's not having a bad first year at Georgia State. If he keeps that up he'd bring a lot more cred if he followed CRB some day at UT. It's early, but Kim English might be my favorite UT assistant since the legendary Stu...
  5. Thunder Good-Oil

    Standing ovation for Admiral

    Good cop, bad cop seems to work. Barnes and Pat are the bad cops. Lanier and Holly are the good cops. Holly didn't work out as the good cop AND the head coach. I wonder what style Kim English is. I'd really like to see him in Knoxville for a long time. Coach in waiting would be pretty cool...
  6. Thunder Good-Oil

    The Roger Stone Trial

    SIAP, but 3 guesses which POTUS appointed the judge that's hammering Stone.
  7. Thunder Good-Oil

    All things STOCKS

    Service Corp and Carriage Services in the death industry. The mid-sized defense contractors that are technology oriented as well. Leidos. FLIR. Etc. The biggest might have a hard time growing due to scale, the deficit/budget cutting.
  8. Thunder Good-Oil

    All things STOCKS

    There should be some contrarian plays with China trade and the Corona-virus. Cruise Lines have surely been getting hammered. Maybe other travel and gambling companies as well. Gambling should be taking off with the legalization of gambling by the SCOTUS 1 or 2 years ago.
  9. Thunder Good-Oil

    All things STOCKS

    STZ Constellation Brands. The alcohol business keeps the company sound while it waits for the weed business to take off through Canopy. The pure plays are riskier and not as well financed. But more upside from the pure plays. SMG Scott's Miracle-Gro is the picks and shovels play.
  10. Thunder Good-Oil

    CBP Featured In Bachelor Story In Today's News Sentinel

    When did Bruce turn into Rodney Dangerfield?
  11. Thunder Good-Oil

    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    They're overdue losing three straight. It's been over a year. They're Auburn for gawd sake. Their history is that they only win when they cheat.
  12. Thunder Good-Oil

    Official Bracket Watch Thread

    This topic is a lot less interesting when we're instead on the NIT bubble. Win 2 of the next 3 and it gets a lot more relevant. Win 3 of 3 and it becomes extremely relevant.
  13. Thunder Good-Oil

    Official Bracket Watch Thread

    We only play KY, Vandy, and USCjr twice every year.
  14. Thunder Good-Oil

    Future Jersey Number Retirements?

    I don't like retiring any numbers. Jerseys in the rafters are fine, but unless Wlit Chamberlin had played here, not a fan. If any, it could be #53... but even the GOAT skipped his senior year.
  15. Thunder Good-Oil

    Jeff Bezos

    He feels guilty about all of the trees that had to die to make all of those shipping boxes. Or he's an evil genius that just hoodwinked liberal environmentalists.
  16. Thunder Good-Oil

    stock market was up today...

    I don't think that liberals understand what investing and saving are at their core. They only see it as accumulation of wealth by rich people and don't seem to understand that it's providing capital for the purpose of creating goods and services. Jobs are created. Revenue (taxes) for governments...
  17. Thunder Good-Oil

    Boy Scouts File Bankruptcy

    They did over a year ago. And females love to spend money. Boom! Bankruptcy.
  18. Thunder Good-Oil

    Here Comes the Recession

    Also, military spending was deferred by Barry and became a burden on the administration that followed.
  19. Thunder Good-Oil

    Here Comes the Recession

    The 2009 ($1.4T) 2010 ($1.3T), and 2011 ($1.3T) deficits were all larger than any of Trump's deficits. Plus the national debt doubled while BHO was POTUS which also doubles the interest going forward. So hundreds of billions of spending each year in the current budgets are because of the...
  20. Thunder Good-Oil

    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    Uros is 21, not 22. Olivier is 19, not 20. Gaines will NOT be 21 before his sophomore season. Stop posting.

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