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  1. VolForLife83

    Butch Jones got a promotion

    1 more year
  2. VolForLife83

    Staff Turnover

    We say other teams are falling apart, but when it's us, it's always an upgrade🤣
  3. VolForLife83

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Anyone going to count the freakings in his reply?
  4. VolForLife83

    '22 TN QB Kaden Martin (Legacy)

    Arch is going to carry that expectation regardless where he goes. He's already being compared to them and considered better. Besides, if a player can't handle expectations, we don't need them, because we should expect greatness from all of players, regardless of bloodlines. Jmo
  5. VolForLife83

    '22 TN QB Kaden Martin (Legacy)

    You can't just exclude him either. I know they think Cut is the best. But he may want to play on a good team also. And he may think enough of uncle Peyton to come to Tennessee, or maybe we have changed the perception by then both nationally and with QB coach CW
  6. VolForLife83

    '22 TN QB Kaden Martin (Legacy)

    Would be nice to have a Manning and Martin on the roster again 😎
  7. VolForLife83

    New defensive line coach: Jimmy Brumbaugh

    One could say Fulmers downfall was BECAUSE of TURNOVER. ie Coach Cut
  8. VolForLife83

    Wheels coming off at SC

    Well this came at a really bad time cause it's happening to us too lol
  9. VolForLife83

    2020 roster showcases Pruitt's ability to think outside the box and win football games

    This. Freshmen are now coming in and making an impact all over the country
  10. VolForLife83

    Crazy athletic catch by Malachi Wideman

    Would be the ultimate in game play to do that over a defender
  11. VolForLife83

    ‘23 LA QB Arch Manning

    Ed O and Kiffin have already made him a priority, are we doing the same?
  12. VolForLife83

    Casey Pruitt

    Must read VN🤣 Jk smart woman though Jeremy Pruitt reveals who first told him to hire Jay Graham
  13. VolForLife83

    David Johnson comments

    I think people didn't watch the video from the clip, cause I didn't get that vibe at all
  14. VolForLife83

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    I know he's fun to make fun of, but I wish people would just block this clown
  15. VolForLife83

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Probably means last. Building suspense for whomever he commits to. Let me be wrong
  16. VolForLife83

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Because he got into it with his hs coach which led to Ga running him off last minute and now he's taking his time to figure out what he wants to do.
  17. VolForLife83

    Senator wants UT, "Tiger High" Memphis to compete annually

    For basketball, I could understand, but would be boring for football, who would want to watch that? Wouldn't help us either.
  18. VolForLife83

    Has Tennessee ever had a starter play Basketball and Football?

    Didn't Justin Hunter do track also
  19. VolForLife83

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    To each his own. But we have people here who ignore our own 🤣

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