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  1. rocky top buzz

    Why is it that a fired HC doesn't get many second chances?

    I'm not one to blast an OP but either he meant something other than what he typed or he loves in a cave. There are tons of fired coaches who get 2nd chances. In the SEC alone you have orgeron, muschamp, kiffin. Wasn't the pirate fired at tx tech or did he "resign?" ADs rarely get a 2nd chance...
  2. rocky top buzz

    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    I think it needs to be limited. Perhaps 10 players so you can lock in your top recruits. Or perhaps make ESD non binding, meaning if you sign other coaches can no longer contact you but you can sign elsewhere in February. The early signing period is killing teams when there is a coaching change.
  3. rocky top buzz

    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    My feeling is the NCAA is so scared if pending legislation on paying players that they aren't going to fight these battles. Didn't LSU's basketball coach pay a player last year and yet he is still coaching?
  4. rocky top buzz

    A worse stat for vandy

    Actually I disagree. Last year we were hot early and then cooled heading into the tournament. Look at last years SECT champ, Auburn was struggling early but got hot late. With all the in-season roster changes I think this team can start to gel and make a strong finish.
  5. rocky top buzz

    A worse stat for vandy

    Breaking the vandy 3 point streak is great but consider this: Since signing a top 5 recruiting class in 2018, vandy has yet to win a single SEC basketball game with that class.
  6. rocky top buzz

    Neyland Renovation Update?

    Georgia Tech is adding the new LED lights, I would be surprised if UT doesn't have them soon
  7. rocky top buzz

    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    I recall another former recruit who signed with an SEC rival getting killed on Vol Twitter. That former recruit is currently on campus as a member of the football team. I'm not ok with adults trashing a HS kid no matter how immature he is acting.
  8. rocky top buzz

    Your thoughts on LSU

    Bowl games originally started to generate tourism during what is typically the slowest vacation time of the year. With the Smokey mountains being the most visited national park it's actually not a bad tie-in. Although it would likelt be a lower tier bowl like Shreveport, mobile or Boise.
  9. rocky top buzz

    Kasim Hill QB

    I would love to know more about Hill and what UT's plans are for him. He was a 4 star, if he just wanted to play QB and get some film for the NFL he could have gone to a mid-tier P5 school. But he chose to come to UT knowing that we had 3 QB's playing this year and Harrison Bailey committed...
  10. rocky top buzz

    Bowl Attendance

    But you missed the context, I was responding to the guy who said bowls would go away because of lack of attendance. I am saying attendance does not correlate to their existence because bowls are huge TV money makers. I don't think anyone was talking about big traditional games like the Gator...
  11. rocky top buzz

    Our QB and RBs have to be smiling so big ...

    Call it battered Vol Syndrome or whatever, but I just can't help thinking this would be great if UT had an established QB who was reliable and established Wide Receivers. Don't get me wrong Eric Gray was insanely impressive and with this line UT could very well lead the SEC on the ground. But...
  12. rocky top buzz

    TN End Season Ranked?

    After the mizzou game I would have thought beating Vandy then winning the bowl would get Tennessee into the top 25, a hot team on a 6 game win streak is not your normal 8-5 team. However the fact that UT didn't look great against a horrible vandy team, and then looked like garbage for the first...
  13. rocky top buzz

    Bowl Attendance

    You don't understand the power of television. Tickets sold don't matter, these bowl games are huge money makers and the money is coming from ESPN. No different than the regular season, more and more, people would rather watch most of the games from the comfort of their home on a huge TV with a...
  14. rocky top buzz

    Stability of staff.

    I think the problem is people look at recruiting like the ap top 25 when it's not that way. You still have to coach and develop. If you are getting the 10 guys you need and developing the other 15, you can win with a top 10 class. State borders have never been more irrelevant. Not every kid in...
  15. rocky top buzz

    Butch Jones???

    I heard the same thing on 104.5 but this story says February of 2021. UT Vols: How much buyout money Butch Jones and fired staffers have received from Tennessee
  16. rocky top buzz

    Today in Tennessee football history..........

    Rex Dockery's plane crashed this day in 1983. Often thought as a Memphis State story, some might forget Rex was a football player at UT in the 60's and his widow Wallene was a Vols cheerleader. Wallene is still one of the biggest UT fans you will meet.
  17. rocky top buzz

    Cade Mays and Amari Rodgers

    He did say something to the effect of "F Tennessee" during his recruitment so that caused some of the angst. But I will add that comment was probably in response to a bunch of keyboard warriors trashing him. Pruitt said it best, don't worry about who we don't get, focus on those who choose to...
  18. rocky top buzz

    Cade Mays and Amari Rodgers

    Would love to have both but won't happen. Neither will transfer as both will be 1st round draft picks after 1 more year. If they transfer here they sit out 1 season then play 1 season? Too risky, and in fairness if you want what is best for them they should play their final year and then go get...
  19. rocky top buzz

    How good is Jim Chaney?

    If you look at the Mizzou game he passed a lot because that was the better opportunity. Against Candy he ran because that was the better opportunity. Wasn't it 1st and 10 when Chaney called the swing pass that ga state intercepted? I think he calls games based on what the defense gives. But the...
  20. rocky top buzz

    Why Didn't FSU Go To The SEC

    I think conference is irrelevant, the top teams are the good teams. Has being in the Big 10 made Rutgers better? Wasn't utah good before they joined the pac 12? In the SEC in a good year you have to play maybe 3 good teams, plus the SECCG which may or may not have a strong opponent. This year...

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