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  1. Volumnus 2011

    Trey Smith going to the Super Bowl!

    Impermissible benefits. Death penalty for our program
  2. Volumnus 2011

    2020 Oklahoma: Most important game in Tennessee history?

    OP getting trashed. Yikes. I feel bad now. But yeah, minimum post count to start a thread used to be a thing.
  3. Volumnus 2011

    2020 Oklahoma: Most important game in Tennessee history?

    About 80% of OPs posts strongly reference JG. Like, come on, man. Be original. Also, no, it's not the most important game ever. Also, no, don't start a thread next time.
  4. Volumnus 2011

    Eric Gray for Heisman?

    The hype train doesn't have brakes
  5. Volumnus 2011

    Twitter champions here?

    I think Coach Pruitt would be happy you spoke for him too.
  6. Volumnus 2011

    Twitter champions here?

    Okay Boomer
  7. Volumnus 2011

    Twitter champions here?

  8. Volumnus 2011

    Twitter champions here?

    Says one of the people trashing him on Twitter. Admit it.
  9. Volumnus 2011

    PFF grades Jennings as a 1st round draft pick

    pFf DoEsN't KnOw WhAt It'S tAlKiNg AbOuT
  10. Volumnus 2011

    Twitter champions here?

    Not the point. It's embarrassing.
  11. Volumnus 2011

    Some off season topics to discuss

    Make the first round of the 8 game playoffs a home game for higher seed. I don't think you can put the game on Saturday because of the NFL playoffs. So, maybe just have the championship before the playoffs. Or if your going to do it on Monday, start the thing at 7 EST at the very least...
  12. Volumnus 2011

    Some off season topics to discuss

    You aren't wrong though
  13. Volumnus 2011

    Twitter champions here?

    I'd venture a guess some of our posters were there trashing him and I'd venture we could probably point them out.
  14. Volumnus 2011

    JG 2020

    This is wishy washy. On one hand you're saying JG managed the O better, on the other hand you're saying people can criticize Pruitt for playing JG. Can't have both.
  15. Volumnus 2011

    JG 2020

    I love the tears of the haters in this thread. I'm embarrassed to share fanhood with a lot of you. I really really wish you were fans of a different team. However, I love that JG is coming back, just because I know it bothers you all so much. He will be the starter and be given a chance to...
  16. Volumnus 2011

    JG 2020

    We aren't winning a championship next year anyway. Next year is a big year to take another step that direction, but next year is not the year.
  17. Volumnus 2011

    Brent Cimaglia coming back for Sr Season

    I kinda thought Cimaglia was sarcastically announcing that. If he were to leave, it would have been the biggest surprise of the decade so far.
  18. Volumnus 2011

    Geaux SEC

    Oh look, someone trying to start this conversation for the first time ever.
  19. Volumnus 2011

    David Johnson Exit Interview (by David Ubben w/ The Athletic)

    People hate him because he has opinions on Twitter, which is separate from his ability as a journalist. I think overreaction from his tweets is dumb. He's an excellent writer and the Athletic is worth every penny.
  20. Volumnus 2011

    Titans going to AFC championship

    Also, to your earlier point, Florida plays LSU every year. If LSU could overtake Bama and become an L every year for Florida like we have had with Alabama, that only helps our chances at an SEC championship appearance. Also, coaches are judged harshly over how they perform against rivals...

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