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    Eric Gray for Heisman?

    we finished 12th in the SEC in rushing (144 ypg). But I do believe the OL improved over the season. I would hope we at least move into the top half of the league next season but my wish is for us to be top quartile...
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    Eric Gray for Heisman?

    I think we upset one of those...but we need to ready so we aren’t upset by South Carolina, Kentucky, etc We need to beat who we are supposed to beat and then upset at least one of the four you listed
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    Eric Gray for Heisman?

    I want to see us be able to line up and run the ball when the D thinks we’re gonna run the ball. If the OL can continue to improve I believe all of our backs can have Heisman moments...Chandler, Jordon and Gray all bring good skills to the RB position. Plus Fils-aime has great speed and...
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    Butch Jones discusses his future

    He will be doing some virtual coaching...
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    ‘We could’ve been legends there.’ Clemson offensive stars grew up fans of SEC school

    Once upon a time Tennessee cherry picked the best players out of South Carolina....we need to get back to those days.
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    QB Jamie Newman Transfers to Georgia

    Georgia is a great destination for a QB...I’m not sure who they have behind Fromm but they always recruit well. If nothing else this will improve their depth at QB and make spring more interesting...
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    UGA fans upset after news of Mays leaving.

    Butch AND our messy coaching search. But he always wanted to be a Vol.
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    Cade Mays enters the transfer portal [transferring to Tennessee per ESPN]

    Wow! Maybe somebody called him a bad name and the NCAA won’t make him sit out a year.
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    Interesting stat in the bowl win

    ohio state...they say they didn't really...refs cheated ‘um...
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    Rutgers 2020 QB?

    i always worry about team chemistry when th3 starting QB gets beat out...he’s more than just the QB - he’s a team leader and returning senior...if he’s not gonna be the starter I think the team is better off with him transferring...
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    To’oto’o’ & Volnation

    We need a couple more LBs just like how well he can cover the speedy backs step for step
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    Candidates to replace David Johnson?

    Maybe just hire Camar Wheaton’s dad...
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    Butch jones

    If they hire Butch they will learn the painful lesson that things can always be worse.
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    Fire Chaney

    Chaney is not a miracle worker...JG just isn’t an SEC QB... I do believe Ga missed him this JG for Jake Fromm and see how our season would have gone...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Indiana Tax Slayer Gator Bowl Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    he needs to prepare to be the starting QB...we have a vacancy
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Indiana Tax Slayer Gator Bowl Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    hopefully we continue the trend of playing better in the second half...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Indiana Tax Slayer Gator Bowl Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    need to contain the QB...his running is their only offense

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