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    Fulkerson threatening Dale Ellis' single-season FG % record

    It never crossed my mind that I needed blue font for sarcasm clarity in saying that John Fulkerson is better than Bernard King. Nor did I think I was stirring the pot, flaming, or baiting. Just me in a silly mood saying something comically ridiculous. Also didn’t mean to demean Fulky. Love what...
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    Fulkerson threatening Dale Ellis' single-season FG % record

    My goodness guys. You thought I was serious?
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    Fulkerson threatening Dale Ellis' single-season FG % record

    Everyone called me stupid when I said Fulky would be better than Bernard King by his junior season.
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    Huge fight involving Kansas [could impact our game with them Saturday]

    Also, if the Big 12/school determine that several players (like more than 3-4) deserve a suspension, they might agree to stagger them. It's not in the best interest for the Big 12, Kansas, or ESPN for them to have to forfeit a game.
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    Huge fight involving Kansas [could impact our game with them Saturday]

    rule change that might help prevent this kind of stuff from happening: If the lead is >15 with under 30 seconds left, the game clock immediately goes to 0:00 and the horn sounds, ending the game. Then you don't have the awkward dribble-out where the players could potentially let emotions get...
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    Huge fight involving Kansas [could impact our game with them Saturday]

    If we were to win, it would go on our resume as a Q1 win. There isn't going to be an asterisk next to it. It's possible that if we're neck and neck with another bubble team that one of the selection committee members might bring up the suspensions in discussing/rationalizing what would be our...
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    Maybe returning to the scene of this

    How bout J Smith’s 360 vs Memphis? This Bowden dunk is insane though.
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    Who’s gonna take charge?

    Here are the guys you're looking for. They're just not eligible yet. To win this year, it's going to have to be with defense and 3's, neither of which we're great at.
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    Plavsic denied by NCAA

    Are you Uros?
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    Plavsic Cleared?!

    What a turn of events!
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    5 returnees I'd like to see make huge jumps next year

    Or at least fully utilized the elite back we had on the team (Kamara)...
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    Plavsic denied by NCAA

    There’s the issue of Uros needing to be able to afford Tom Mars.
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    Mike Leach to Miss. St.

    That's good. I didn't really want him at UT, but I also wouldn't want him with our rivals. We won't play them for a long time, so maybe they can be a thorn in Alabama's side.
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    Cade Mays transfer appeal!

    Well played!
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    Four out one in

    This might be changing though, at least from the arc. I know it's a small sample size, but sometimes all it takes is 1 shooter to open things up for everyone. Bowden has proven he can fill it up if he's not the #1 focus of the defense. Through the 1st 3 games of the season, including the game...
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    The Official Tennessee @ Missouri Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    On the plus side, He’s not Beth Mowins
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    Thoughts on Olivier Nkamhoua?

    Clearly you are. What would we do without you?
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    Four out one in

    Agreed. Not to punish Bowden. But throughout his career he’s been better coming off the bench. He needs something to get him going and his confidence back up. The dude is crazy good when his confidence is up.
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    Thoughts on Olivier Nkamhoua?

    He has a lot of potential, but needs more reps/floor experience to get his confidence up. Looks like he might be thinking too much. He had more success early because he was just playing and using his instincts around the rim. He has a good feel for body position and all that - I think it's just...

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