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    Kansas Game Similar to Last Season’s Alabama Football Game

    He looks lost. Thought he had been practicing. Must have been with the walkons.
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    The Official Tennessee @ #3 Kansas Game Thread, 4:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Refs have this and some extra cash in their hip pockets
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    Something in French

    We speak redneck here
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    Vols 14.5 Underdog vs Kansas

    Kansas probably goes off from 3 today.
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    Time OUT

    I still think we peek in March. Game by game I see improvement. 2nd half against UCONN was a disaster. But move on. Goal is final four.
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    Something in French

    That's pretty cool. Love the language.
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    Lets think systematically about the T.O. problem

    My biggest issue watching the women's team and also the men's. Full court pressure seems to be a mystery to solve for both coaches. You have five on the court. Use them all to break the press with the pass and not the dribble.
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    Vols 14.5 Underdog vs Kansas

    #FREEPLAVSIC. Oh wait!
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    What are they feeding them at UT is the big question. Both men and women's teams have turnover issues and no ball handlers.
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    Lady Vols 24 "Turnovers" - 3 Quarters

    From what I have witnessed from this team to date. Way to many show boats. They try to make the fancy play instead of the simple play. To many athletes and not basketball IQ players. I thought KH would be coaching this crap out of them. Guess I was wrong.
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    Whom are you speaking of?
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    Twitter's Reaction to #KansasBrawl

    Sousa suspended
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    Schedule and winnable games

    Corrected. I meant isnt awful.
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    LVs 73 UCONN 68
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    Schedule and winnable games

    I looked at our schedule and thought 4-10 down the stretch. That was before Uros became available. If he continues his growth and can be a threat in the paint. That comes with game minutes. And if they can protect the ball more. Then your completely right. All of college ball is up in the air...
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    Watch Jayden Springer play tonight

    If history proves itself to be true our recruiting class will all be overrated. 5 stars come to UT and disappear.
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    I feel like we were way better with Turner

    A freshman playing major college ball. That's your answer about Viscovi. Dude will get better.
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    1st off-season blemish/UT missed J. Hardy already signed?

    Who cares? If he cant handle the grind at UT let him go elsewhere. We want guys on the hill not afraid to battle for playing time.
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    A worse stat for vandy

    Sad fact is we are 11-6. I see us going 4-10 the rest of the way. Finishing 15-16. Hopefully I'm wrong.
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    Plavsic denied by NCAA

    Now if we could only find a point guard. Didnt Pember play guard in HS? Magic 2.0

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