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    Jay Graham

    Jay coming to the Hill or not? No New News?
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    Growing belief methodical Fulmer gets it done....

    Smart Played the only role in Fields departure because he lied to him and blew his redshirt. So why did all of your top players bail to the NFL or the Transfer portal? You can only lie to players for so long! Smart will be replaced at UGA before Pruitt is replaced at UT. You replaced a...
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    Culture changing in football program

    Thought there was a minimum post limit to start a Thread...:p
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    Memphis Express Full of VFLs

    He did I think
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    SEC coaches buyouts....

    Buyouts are usually the cost of their entire contract so if you make 3 million for 4 years it is 12 million. That is the price of getting a coach, no coach is going to go anywhere if they are on a short deal that can be pulled away for pennies on the dollar. The demand to win quickly is...
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    What early enrollee will have biggest impact?

    You better hope Greasy doesn't find this Thread, Leaving Brandon Out of the WR Depth!
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    Rumor....Auburn's possible interest in Vols WR Coach David Johnson

    Are we recruiting 3 stars to coach up or 5 stars? We aren't Memphis we are Tennessee, we should get better talent than Johnson has recruited to other schools. I agree with you but Tee has a larger success rate of putting receivers in the NFL, My only point.
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    Rumor....Auburn's possible interest in Vols WR Coach David Johnson

    Don't get me wrong I like Johnson a lot as a coach. But 1 receiver drafted in your coaching career isn't justification that he is a great developer/teacher. It could just be a a naturally talented player. Multiple receivers drafted is a better sample because the likelihood of them having to...
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    Rumor....Auburn's possible interest in Vols WR Coach David Johnson

    Nelson Agholor, JuJu Smith Shuster, and Marquise Lee were 1st and 2nd round talents coached By Tee Martin!!!! Who has Johnson got drafted in that high? I'll hang up and listen!!!
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    Rumor....Auburn's possible interest in Vols WR Coach David Johnson

    Based on What? Who has Johnson developed that is better than any of the multiple receivers Tee put in the league from USC? How may first round draft picks has Johnson developed? This is just crazy talk!!!
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    Rumor....Auburn's possible interest in Vols WR Coach David Johnson

    Tee has a much better resume and has recruited far better players than DJ. He is a good coach but hardly a bug loss for us. No offense I hope we keep him but Tee is a huge upgrade to DJ!
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    Chaney must be a good hire... is salty

    Hopefully Sark stays in the NFL!
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    Chaney recuits...

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    So, about that OC position.... (Merged)

    Actually Butch is the new TE Coach at Maryland I am pretty sure, but I get your point!
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    Some Bluebloods have returned...

    Pruitt has done it at Alabama, Georgia, and Florida State. Not just Bama he is far more proven as a DC than Kirby Smart was considering Kirby always coached top notch players at Bama! The players were even saying that the other Players gave up and that it wouldn't happen again when the "cancer...
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    So, about that OC position.... (Merged)

    Holy Crap!!!! this is the first logical think I think I have ever heard you say! Don't ruin it with, "It doesn't matter who they hire because Everything is JG's fault!":)
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    Some Bluebloods have returned...

    Close doesn't win championships! I agree with everything you said there, but I disagree he is a top level coach because he was 1 win a way from the playoff this year as well. Harbaugh is an above average coach but not a championship level coach is all I am saying he can only take any team so...
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    Some Bluebloods have returned...

    I disagree about Stanford, He never won his division in the the Pac 12 let alone the conference championship. He was a solid coach but no better than he is now at Michigan, he has never won a championship of any kind in Power 5 football! jmho

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