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    Predictions of Leach's failure at MSU for posterity...

    SEC West will decapitate the old Pirate. Leach will need plenty of quarterbacks to survive the season. Pass happy lose time of possession equals many 56 -33 type games that will be entertaining and give experience to the Bama and LSU scout teams.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. South Carolina Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    I wont tell my buddy that some of you boys are speaking ill of his hoops knowledge. He is a Vol football season tix holder and has ETSU basketball season tix. He would obviously be deeply hurt by some of these comments. Let's all agree to ignore the limitations of the Orange squad this year...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. South Carolina Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    East Tennessee State vs. LSU - Game Summary - December 18, 2019 - ESPN At Baton Rouge - ETSU 74 - LSU 63 At Knoxville - LSU 78 - Hapless Vols 64 James would play some at ETSU and maybe Pons - none of the Vol starting five would start at ETSU but Fulkerson would get serious minutes. i...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. South Carolina Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Watched game with an etsu season ticket holder. he said the Only vol who might be in Steve Forbes’ 2 deep rotation is Fulky. Painful to watch ineptitude and horrific shooting. James and Vescovi must take more shots. Nice win but Barnes sure has a challenge making the nit with Bowden...
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    Gatorade bath

    That was simply a successful Gator Bowl for both teams with a wildly exciting finish. I saw Indiana play Penn State and they played extremely well. After losing their starting qb and star running back Hoosiers were still tough. Anyway Jacksonville has to be thrilled with attendance and both...
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    Vescovi clip

    Maravich was a great player but it was similar to watching Allan Houston scoring a ton of points with his dad as coach. LSU was not that good with Pistol Pete but he was fun to watch. Mears did pretty well shut him down or at least keep him to around 20 points rather than 40. Mears for the...
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    Vols to #21

    Vols are not a top 25 team. They are maybe the 3rd or 4th best team in Tennessee and ETSU would wear them out as could others on a given night. Next season the talent infusion gives them a chance but unless James develops really quickly into a major scorer - a winning season and NIT appearance...
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    Don’t freak out.

    This is the team most of us expected to see. Pons and the rest are extremely limited offensively and not capable of transitioning to scorers. Barnes is looking at a significant rebuilding project and this is why he sought the UCLA job. It is frustrating because Steve Forbes has depth at...
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    Will Pittman Poach Chaney?

    Arkansas has reportedly stopped paying Bret Bielema’s buyout Arkansas did stop paying Bielema but it looks like it may generate a court case. This could form a precedent for Butch Jones who is more or less a volunteer at Alabama. I have a hard time believing Arkansas can walk away from...
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    Will Pittman Poach Chaney?

    Chaney has a terrific contract with UT. I doubt Arkansas can try to match it as they are paying off Morris and his staff and may be still paying Bielema. Sam Pittman has his work cut out for him. He sort of worked for Chaney- not sure Chaney would want to work for Sam.
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    Sam Pittman to Arkansas? (Merged)

    If true, Georgia takes another offensive hit. They could do a lot worse than Sam.
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    Why Didn't FSU Go To The SEC

    ACC thought they had the big guns with Florida universities Miami and FSU which were annual powerhouses. Neither sustained their success and it is now Clemson and the poor cousins. You just never know how the worm turns. Alabama may be last in the SEC west in a few years with Orgeron and...
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    RIP New Redshirt Rule

    Either keep this rule in place or give 10 more scholarships so coaches can build a roster. Injuries, etc. can really hurt a team and tough decisions must be made to allow players to play a few quarters or games but it costs a year of eligibility. Leave it like it is as it benefits both...
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    I believe Jeremy Banks is coming back..

    Talented player. Reinstate him and he will be second team immediately. Ban him from the woman he fought with and move on. Banks deserves another shot and as a redshirt sophomore is quite an addition to the squad.
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    Kiffin to Ole Miss

    Good grief guys. Kiffin is good for about 3 years or 4 max and then he implodes. Ole Miss cannot withstand another probation and will be watched by NCAA and SEC. He will put most of his family on the payroll as usual. He will get curb stomped in the SEC West.
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    2019 Coaching Hires

    Peterson, Lake and Leach? Leach can be the lead singer.
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    Look back at Vols' opponents

    The most critical fans I know personally never played a team sport at a high school level. They have no comprehension of a program rebuilding from the worst record in school history with ridiculous scholarship limits that inhibit a coach to flip a losing roster in the toughest conference short...
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    Worst Coach Ever?

    Battle was one of the biggest "reach" hires in the history of the SEC. 28 years old - TE coach for the Vols. Fine man but ridiculous hire by any standard. Bob Woodruff passed over Johnny Majors who was head coach of Iowa State to hire Bill. Tragic decision as Johnny had to win a national...
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    Worst Coach Ever?

    You guys do not remember Bill Battle. He wiped out an SEC championship program in record time. In modern times, Kiffin was the worst as he destroyed a solid recruiting class Fulmer had teed up - then recruited thugs and ran off some decent players. Then bolted for his "dream job" in the...

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