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  1. SaintLouisVol

    Most Satisfying Win 2019

    Personally, it has to be Mizzou. It made it SO much easier to go church the next morning! After that, probably Mississippi State because it gave me hope that the ship was actually turning.
  2. SaintLouisVol

    Harrison Bailey: Is he benefitting from exceptional talent around him? Or is he the real deal?

    With this staff, I honestly believe they will play the guys that give them the best chance to win. Even as frustrating as it was to watch, I felt that way about JG this past season. This statement goes along with the fact that CJP is VERY turnover adverse and tends to lean to the conservative...
  3. SaintLouisVol

    Harrison Bailey: Is he benefitting from exceptional talent around him? Or is he the real deal?

    There isn't a player in existence that doesn't benefit or suffer from the talent around him.
  4. SaintLouisVol

    Trey Smith Press Conference

    Some mock drafts have him as the 5-6 guard selected. That was in the fourth round last year. Others have him being picked in the 60s overall. That would be the third round.
  5. SaintLouisVol

    UGA collapsing

    Yes, but you to keep the recruits in the system and allow them to develop to be elite SEC players. I think it is being overblown, but there sure seems to be some smoke in Athens.
  6. SaintLouisVol

    Trey Smith Press Conference

    If he announces either way without having a press conference, the media is going to bug the hell out of him and the university to get comments. By having the press conference, he can announce, address questions, CJP can address questions, and it is behind him and the team. It's kind of the...
  7. SaintLouisVol

    YoY offensive numbers improved but still far short of where we need to be

    OLine takes a lot of time to develop. There's so much more to it than physical talent. I see them recruiting the right body types and making progress there, and I expect the OLine to be better next year. This, combined with better QB play, should affect the offensive numbers in a positive way...
  8. SaintLouisVol

    Pruitt’s First 25 Games

    The whole “playing not to lose” idea is a fallacy. The truth is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. The coach has to play to the strength of his team. Fulmer won an awful lot of games by doing what you describe as “playing not to lose.” He had a great OLine and could run it down...
  9. SaintLouisVol

    Butch jones

    No way. He signs a SEC HC contract and he’s immediately $7-8 million ahead of where he is now even if he doesn’t win a single game.
  10. SaintLouisVol

    Pruitt’s First 25 Games

    Of all of the concerns about CJP, this one has the least merit, IMO. I’ve seen nothing about his style that points this way.
  11. SaintLouisVol

    Pruitt’s First 25 Games

    Approving of his performance though his first two seasons is not the same as saying he's a NCG kind of coach. In my mind, it is pretty simple. You ask yourself one question: is the program showing steady improvement? And, in my mind, it is. I believe you give any coach the opportunity to...
  12. SaintLouisVol

    Are we just a QB away from being good?

    If the team finishes the regular season 9-3, they aren't playing Indiana in their bowl game. They would have drawn a MUCH stiffer opponent. I think 9-4 would have been as likely as 10-3.
  13. SaintLouisVol

    Fire Chaney

    JG's shortcomings cannot be "developed." The guy has all the physical talent needed to play a high level, but he just can't slow the game down. It's in his head. I am not saying he is unintelligent, but to my eyes, he just can't process under the stress of game speed. I don't know how you coach...
  14. SaintLouisVol

    Fire Chaney

    You win this thread!! :)
  15. SaintLouisVol

    Fire Chaney

    They don’t have a QB. Yet, they won? Fire yourself.
  16. SaintLouisVol

    It’s all about the QB play

    Whatever. The whole “coaching” commit gets pretty old quick.
  17. SaintLouisVol

    It’s all about the QB play

    And we don’t have it. This is not a JG bash thread. We may not have anyone who can get it done.
  18. SaintLouisVol

    The Official Tennessee vs. Indiana Tax Slayer Gator Bowl Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    This no effing way JG even looked before he threw that. Win or lose, I hope he doesn’t play a down in the next season.

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