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    Trey Smith Press Conference

    Well that didn't age well lol
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    Trey Smith Press Conference

    I think he leaves
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    Favorite Single Play(s)

    I remember the Bryson run! Like he was shot out of a cannon! Ran straight to our endzone.
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    Favorite Single Play(s)

    98 Florida, FL missed field goal. My dad and I were in xx2. Saw the wave of jumping fans start from the left side of the goal post to all over the stadium. My dad and I started jumping up and down hugging each other. My dad doesn't attend games anymore due to ringing in his ears and the pitch of...
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    2 BYU for pretty much anywhere

    These still available?
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    Terrace seats for BYU or Miss St

    Anyone have terrace seats available for these games? Sat all over the stadium. Just never sat there. Need 2. Thanks!
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    Roll Call?

    Coming over from West tn with zepplin section w !
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    Scalping Tickets

    I bought section w off of the ticket office website. For face value last week. They arrived Saturday. I bought them Wednesday. Might be worth looking at.
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    She Did It Nation

    Congrats man!
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    It's Been The Darkest Time In My Life

    No problem. Drop by anytime
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    It's Been The Darkest Time In My Life

    Hey Duncan I work in wife fought non Hodgkin lymphoma in 14 and had a stem cell transplant at Vanderbilt. You are in good hands there. I say all that to say this. I am a service manager at the local Nissan dealership. I know traveling back and forth can rack up miles on a vehicle. If...
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    Official Jon Gruden Thread XXI

    My God man thank you! For those of us busy at work this was a godsend!
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    I Formation (rumor)

    I am with you zeppelin!
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    Hold up

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    Sutton injury update thread

    Man that sucks for Cam. Gotta have someone step up. In a hurry
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    Florida is not that good

    Are you serious Clark?
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    Some of you so-called "fans" on here..........

    Prayers to you man wife just fought and won her battle against non Hodgkin with help of a stem cell transplant. Tell your mother to keep her head up there is light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Single Game Tickets

    What's your price for 2 in both sections?
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    If you had to choose UF vs Bama game.....

    UF for sure. I have been to every Florida home game since 98. No way in the world I miss this game unless my wife goes into labor way early. I cannot stand Florida with every ounce of my being.
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    Hell of a friend you got there zeppelin! :-)

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