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  1. dcm3w

    '21 CA WR Beaux Collins

    "Geaux Beaux Geaux" will definitely be used at some point in their pitch.
  2. dcm3w

    Georgia would switch ...

    We get one of their 5 star players and suddenly there is no contest. Granted they lost a lot on offense but they also have recruited well and we are Tennessee.
  3. dcm3w

    '20 GA WR Ladd McConkey

    That video was impressive. I wonder how good the DB prospects were? We need slot receivers with good route running and separation skills.
  4. dcm3w

    '20 MS ATH Jimmy Holiday (UT SIGNEE)

    To add to my thoughts above. He is very raw passing and it doesn't look like he has a strong arm but if he can work on his mechanics and reads then he could possibly run a RPO well
  5. dcm3w

    '20 MS ATH Jimmy Holiday (UT SIGNEE)

    I think they should give him a shot at QB but also that cliche Cobb role though. If he's a playmaker with serious wheels, he needs the ball. If HB lives up to his hype and Holiday is a playmaker, I would like to see a 80/20 split under center with Holiday running the wildcat and in the slot.
  6. dcm3w

    If you stop believin'...

    JP, I believe in those words but I love that our fan base has so much passion that in one game it can completely "flip the switch." We truly have passionate fans and passion is often ahead of logic but it's what makes this sport great. The pure hatred for teams, players, states is amazing and...
  7. dcm3w

    PFF grades Jennings as a 1st round draft pick

    I also think Calloway will be a steal in the long run
  8. dcm3w

    PFF grades Jennings as a 1st round draft pick

    I think 1st round is a bit of a stretch because I don't think Jennings will have an impressive combine (I hope he does) but I think a good possibility is that he'll be drafted in the 2nd for his leadership, blocking, toughness, and YAC.
  9. dcm3w

    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    I think they could get a quality multi-year deal with Henry. I really do think they need to keep him because he is phenom of size and speed BUT I think they need to invest in a multidimensional complimentary back similar to Kamara, Mostart, Miles Sanders skillset or more hopefully a talent like...
  10. dcm3w

    Worst basketball team since

    I'm talking about winning the SEC and dancing.
  11. dcm3w

    2020 Oklahoma: Most important game in Tennessee history?

    It's an important game but not the biggest game ever or next season. It will tell us how good we really are. OU is losing a bunch of talent and are starting a new QB which is perfect time for us to upset them. We have to play bigger than we are because UT always has this knack for playing to...
  12. dcm3w

    How long before VN goes loco??

  13. dcm3w

    Worst basketball team since

    I think this team in 1-2 years can be competing again.
  14. dcm3w

    '17 GA QB Chase Brice

    @TrippieRedd He still would've been good. Maybe not 60 TDs good but enough to be a winner. Don't @ me.
  15. dcm3w

    Long term dominance.....

    It's not 20 years but no one has touched Saban so far in the modern era. Dabo is making a run which I hope not because I can't stand him but anyways, Saban has won 5 NCs while playing in 7 total. Honestly, he probably could've had two more. Only 15 losses...which in two seasons we have almost...
  16. dcm3w

    PFF grades Jennings as a 1st round draft pick

    Burrow's football IQ and accuracy are both insanely high. I also loved his answer to an interview question, he said that every receiver is open if the CB isn't looking.
  17. dcm3w


    Trey comes back and Cade transfers here and we're suddenly competing with the best of the SEC. Bama is more beatable than they have been in a long long time but we need to show that we can beat OU, UF, UGA first. It starts with JG or whomever the QB may be.
  18. dcm3w

    Off season workout schedule

  19. dcm3w

    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman

    I think if we have the chance, we take a talent like this.
  20. dcm3w

    D’Eriq King enters Transfer Portal. Is he a possible grab for the Vols?

    I mean I wouldn't mind him but we also have a thousand QBs already

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