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  1. OrangePower

    VOLS enjoyed 1st Class Flight to Jacksonville..

    I think it’s Kivon Bennett. I could be wrong though.
  2. OrangePower

    *****[LIVE] 2020 Early Signing Day Thread, updated as the commits sign

    I should know this but I don’t .....what is CB mean in this context?
  3. OrangePower

    Who will redshirt

    I would think both of the fresh TE’s, Jackson Lowe and Sean Brown? I could have names wrong
  4. OrangePower

    Three players put on scholarship today

    Not to be confused with Aubrey Solomon and Kuratt(sp?) Garland
  5. OrangePower

    Jauan Jennings — All-time Receiving Tracker (UPDATED)

    Not enough that anybody other than you care to even consider.
  6. OrangePower

    Vols Practice Thread Tuesday

    I love these practice updates and enjoy reading them, Fingers does an awesome job! (I know, I know, twss)......but..... Calbert looking good: Yet we never see him play JG looking the sharpest during drills: very unsharp on Saturdays. Means and Beasley musical chairs: insignificant as always...
  7. OrangePower

    Maleik Gray Sports Center highlight - already

    Agreed! Tyler Byrd needs to see the field, he should be in the mix.
  8. OrangePower

    I’ve figured it out

    They need to turn the Welcome to the Jungle intro off when it’s 2 minutes left in the game and we are down by 15 with more opposing fans in the stands than we have. It’s not intimidating anymore at that point lol
  9. OrangePower

    Doug Matthews Blunt Take On Vols Loss

    I’ve been trying to get the link to listen to work since Sunday and still can’t get it to play
  10. OrangePower

    Sophmomore CB Terrell Bailey has entered the transfer portal

    I was impressed with Shamburger on Saturday. I thought he played with some emotion and has improved his speed and strength
  11. OrangePower

    Mean and Nasty missing on D

    Disappointing that we don’t have any guys that show any just flat out passion consistently on defense. Every so often a guy will flash some intensity but none of them are ever nasty. I know he is not the best O-lineman ever but Jhamir Johnson plays angry and never seems to back down. I wish that...
  12. OrangePower

    Upon Further Review: VQ’s Simonton with excellent recap

    I was figuring David Oku would take his spot lol
  13. OrangePower

    Upon Further Review: VQ’s Simonton with excellent recap

    Maybe I’m drawing a blank but who is B. Brown?
  14. OrangePower

    Doug Mathews might be interesting this morning

    This^^^^ 100% correct
  15. OrangePower

    2019 First Play From Scrimmage

    Well, if the individuals give 63 effort and are resilient and play complimentary football and can apply what they learned from leadership and mental reps then I’d say it will be a handoff to Chandler for a 7 ya gain
  16. OrangePower

    The 1, 2, 3, PUNCH!!!

    Has there been some number changes listed somewhere?
  17. OrangePower

    Which players will Pruitt bring to Media Days?

    Ryan Johnson, Bituli, JG

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