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  1. mandyleanne

    Women’s Basketball 19-20 Season, As Good As It Gets

    Last 5 games Tennessee bench has outscored UConn bench 117-53
  2. mandyleanne

    ACL injuries !

    For what?
  3. mandyleanne


    Texas record is 4-4. Most recent loss is to Hawaii.
  4. mandyleanne

    Where will the lady Vols be in the top 25 this week?

    Too many SEC teams with bad losses already.
  5. mandyleanne

    Game Thread: #23/RV LADY VOLS VS. STETSON

    Only 3 in the 2nd half.
  6. mandyleanne

    Holly responds to Geno...

    Warlick: Auriemma's Lady Vols criticism 'not fair'
  7. mandyleanne

    Called Fouls

    When a foul is committed it is assigned to a player as a personal foul, that same foul is assigned as a team foul as well. After 5 total team fouls in each quarter is committed, a player will shoot free throws even if it wasn’t a shooting foul.
  8. mandyleanne

    Game Thread: Lady Vols vs. Tenn. State

    It is online streaming only, on the ESPN app.
  9. mandyleanne

    2021 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    She has already been on campus with the new staff I believe.
  10. mandyleanne

    Lady Vols Go Into South Bend and Beat ND

    Lawson is an assistant coach for the Celtics, I doubt she will be calling anymore games.
  11. mandyleanne

    Post game controversy

    Doubt they even noticed what part of the court they huddled at, just huddled up and prayed like they always do.
  12. mandyleanne


    You know what they say about assuming...
  13. mandyleanne


  14. mandyleanne


    That’s exactly my point, a post should have never been made.
  15. mandyleanne


    Game is in three hours, just wait until it is released. Be respectful.
  16. mandyleanne

    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    Same could be said for Tennessee. Parker was on campus a few weeks ago with recruits on campus.
  17. mandyleanne

    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    What is the recruiting violation?
  18. mandyleanne

    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    I assume most LSU fans were at home preparing for the LSU vs Alabama football game.
  19. mandyleanne

    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    They will go 6 players deep against us, unless they get in foul trouble. 4 guards and 2 forwards.

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