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  1. SoddyAllVol

    How old were you...

    Got some oldheads and young pups In here. I was 8
  2. SoddyAllVol

    Oklahoma is beatable next season

    I wouldnt call hurts a poor passer
  3. SoddyAllVol

    From the Indiana board

    My daddy took me and my cousin to that game. Maryland was hyped before the game and we looked flat. My daddy said we were gonna get beat like a drum. That’s exactly what happened.
  4. SoddyAllVol

    Bowl is not over yet

    For what it’s worth Nashville is 1000x the city Jacksonville is
  5. SoddyAllVol

    Rumor: Ty Chandler entering transfer portal

    Don’t church it up. Gray produced one game and Jordan was no better than chandler
  6. SoddyAllVol

    Looks like beer at Neyland was a success

    Actually 2 cans. They’re stovepipes
  7. SoddyAllVol

    I believe Jeremy Banks is coming back..

    I’ve had a feeling he would come back as well. Hope we’re right
  8. SoddyAllVol

    If We End Up 8-5, Do We Lose Assistants?

    So would Ralph friedgen
  9. SoddyAllVol

    Things just feel different with Pruitt

    Not to be negative Nancy but we had all offseason to prepare for ga st and got whipped....but this is a different team now and we should be ok against whoever we play.
  10. SoddyAllVol


    Would you like some cheese as well
  11. SoddyAllVol

    JG- All I need to say

    Oh look another JG thread
  12. SoddyAllVol

    Rate my fantasy team

    Nope still firmly in the playoff hunt
  13. SoddyAllVol

    A View from Big Ben

    Correction the first pick was into double coverage and should’ve never been thrown
  14. SoddyAllVol

    Question I'd Love Answered

    Yes we really lost to Georgia St
  15. SoddyAllVol

    If TN starts 4-0....

    Shoot me
  16. SoddyAllVol

    DG's Takeaways from the Florida Disaster

    I hate to call out a kid but I’ve been waiting 4 years for warrior to be the player we all thought he was going to be but he just seems to be the weak link in the secondary.

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