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    Kirby is Classless

    Kirby Smart is mean— Boo Hoo !!!
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    ‘20 SC PF P.J. Hall

    I am pretty sure Paulo Banchero has come out in the last two weeks and said he is staying in the class of 2021
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    Donnie Tyndall hired as head coach

    Other coaches knew about Tyndall and his issues at Southern Miss, Tennessee didn’t look hard enough into his background because the warning signs were everywhere.
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    '20 TN SG Keon Johnson (Tennessee commit 8.6.19)

    I believe Recruiting analyst Brian Snow is an Ohio State alum, so he usually has a great feel for what is happening with the Buckeyes.
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    The Kerry Blackshear Thread

    That is some funny stuff.
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Verbal Commits is reporting Tennessee offered Josaphat Bilau, a 6-10, 238-pound Forward from France who attend Spire Academy which I believe is in Ohio. He is a 2019 prospect. His video is awesome. I wonder if Bilau just qualified ?
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Unless the rule has changed, U can only over sign by one— that' the NCAA rule.
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    We need another guard, preferably a PG for 2019.
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    7’1” 240lb Uros Plavsic will be a Vol (reportedly)

    Usually 7-foot post players, who have potential, aren't allowed to walk away after just one year at a school ? Additionally why was the assistant let go, less than a year into his new job ? The recruitment of this player smells funny
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    '19 MD PF Olivier Robinson-Nkamhoua (Signed 5/8/2019)

    Now we just need a guard, who's ready to play .
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    '19 MD PF Olivier Robinson-Nkamhoua (Signed 5/8/2019)

    I have a friend who was at Dinner earlier tonight with a "Prominent" member of Tennessee's staff who said UT was hopeful they would receive a positive phone call this evening on Nkamhoua's recruitment. Needless to say Rick Barnes had this audience eating out of his hand this evening in Downtown...
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    Brian Williams Tweets

    How was Ramar Smith never tried for armed robbery or attempted murder ? Isn't it amazing the local media let the authorities sweep this under the rug ? US Marshals arrest former Vol on murder-related charges Report: Ex-Vol Ramar Smith took $6K, gun, half-pound marijuana Grand jury to hear...
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    Ques Glover ‘19 PG Knoxville, TN (Florida commit 4.1.2019)

    Clearly u and your Buddy are products of the Knoxville Public schools.
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    Ques Glover ‘19 PG Knoxville, TN (Florida commit 4.1.2019)

    Listen "S-L-O-W-L-Y"-- if a school uses a player's scholarship while he has declared for the Draft and that player then wants to return to school, that player can transfer without having to sit out because its not that player's fault his previous school no longer has a scholarship. That being...
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    Ques Glover ‘19 PG Knoxville, TN (Florida commit 4.1.2019)

    I am just saying "if" Tennessee decided they wanted to use Bone's or Williams scholarship and then that player withdrew from the NBA draft and UT had decided to move on, the player would be able to transfer without sitting out a year. So if a school gets tired of waiting on a player to make up...
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    Ques Glover ‘19 PG Knoxville, TN (Florida commit 4.1.2019)

    Tennessee doesn't have to wait on Bone. If Rick Barnes wants to use that scholarship he can, and if Bone then decides later he wants to come back and if UT can't find a scholarship then Bone could transfer without having to sit out a year. That being said schools can over sign by one and then...
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    Ques Glover ‘19 PG Knoxville, TN (Florida commit 4.1.2019)

    I have watched Bearden High school play a handful of times this past season mainly to get a feel for how good Drew Pember would be at UT but I was also intrigued by Glover and his potential and I will be interested to see how he does at Florida ?? Does Mike White know more than everyone else...
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    CBB Transfer Portal

    It does matter, Fulkerson is a role player, a backup--but he's not a starter.
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    CBB Transfer Portal

    Fulkerson is not big or strong enough to play Center at Tennessee. I love the kid and I think he will continue to get better but Fulky is a forward not a Center.

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