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    Mississippi State has fired Moorhead

    Oh. Okay, I did not know it was old news. Gosh, I thought I was really letting out some brand new news.
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    Mississippi State has fired Moorhead

    I just got notification of this from a very reliable source.
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    Pretty embarrassing.

    It is possible to take that line of reason in any win by any team at any time. It is a line of reasoning used by someone who for whatever reason is determined not to give any credit to a particular coach. That was a good win last night against a hard playing Indiana team. The onside kick call...
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    Pretty embarrassing.

    CBJ was not only undefeated in bowl games at UT but blew out Iowa and Northwestern. But CJP is an improvement. Right.
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    Transfers and Impact on Bowl Game

    Here come the excuses. "Butch Gets It" was undefeated in bowl games while at UT. Furthermore, every player that left was "recruited over".
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    Vols are the 6th best team in the SEC behind...

    From what I am seeing of the Memphis vs Penn 'state game UT is not even the best team in the state of Tennessee.
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    Rivals has us at 11th ranked class now.. [9th with the late addition]

    What was Georgia State's last 4 recruiting classes ranked?
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    Will Coach Pruitt Get A Raise?

    No Mrs. Pruitt. You don't get a raise at UTK when you lose your opening game to Georgia State.
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    Does anyone remember...

    We had the same type of experiences with Butch. So, go back to sleep.
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    '20 DC FS Mordecai McDaniel (FL commit)

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    In just two years...

    Wow! Who was the head coach then?
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    Another player decommitting

    I agree. The first two years CBJ was here everytime a player left or decomitted it was "recruited over". "Recruited over" and "Butch gets it". There was rarely a thread that did not have at least one of those two phrases in it and sometimes both of those phrases in it.
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    Transfer Portal Hate

    Many people believe that Saban will pick up 2-3 recruits per year for the sole reason of keeping them off of opposing teams rosters, not really planning to start them. I do not know if that is true or not. Even if it is not true, coaches make a lot of promises during recruiting and the player...
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    In just two years...

    Just thinking SEC. How many years has it been now since we beat any of the three, Florida, Georgia or Alabama?
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    In just two years...

    "Butch Gets It". Everytime I read something like this I'm reminded of the 25,000 to 50,000 that three word sentence was put on this board. Dude. It's way too early. If we beat just one of the following three teams next year then I am with you. Georgia, Florida, Alabama. Okay. Until we...
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    Interesting comment by Pruitt during his postgame press conference

    Dooley and Butch said the same thing. Not quite word for word but still, the same thing. Remember: "Butch Gets It". Those three words were put on this board about 25,000 times.
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    Guarantano for starter in 2020-2021 season. Poll

    You got a man-crush thing going on. Seek help. Good grief.
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    If I'm Shrout and Maurer I transfer

    If someone has posted 50+ straight negative replies about any particular person they should be investigated by the FBI and made to wear an ankle monitoring brace.
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    Pruitt has the Vols up and off the floor!

    Pruitt "Gets It". Ok. Here we go again.
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    ESPN bowl projection

    No. We need to play a team we can beat. Arkansas. That's who I want us to play.

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