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    2020 offensive linemen

    And the 2nd team will be pretty darn good! Jamir Johnson Jerome Carvin Cooper Mays Krojhn Calbert Locklear/Lane/Akporoghene
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    2020 SEC QBs

    Top 5 SEC QBs: 5. Mac Jones 4. Bo Nix 3. Kellen Mond 2. Kyle Trask 1. Harrison Bailey :)
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    UGA fans upset after news of Mays leaving.

    He was playing tackle out of necessity. He's a guard.
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    Who else here is old enough

    Here. My first game in person was TN vs AL in Legion Field, 1957. We won, I was 7, my dad carried me out the game on his shoulders. Been All-Vol ever since.
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    Slow. No Communication. No defense. No leadership.

    Bernard King and Alan Houston. That's about it.
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    Why the surprise....this game

    This year we learned how to finish a game. Now we have to learn how to start one.
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    The All-Time All-America team for college football's 150th anniversary

    I'd take that 2nd team any day. Regarding time, there is no doubt that latter-day players are bigger, faster, stronger. But that doesn't make them greater. For example, we know for a fact that Carl Lewis ran faster than Jesse Owens, but he wasn't greater.
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    How old were you...

    48, watching from my room on vacation in Sarasota.
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    '20 GA OT Broderick Jones (UGA commit)

    OL, was recruited by Sam Pittman, who is no longer there. That could be the reason for the hesitation.
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    Early Signing Day

    What is this new position listing ED? Never seen that before.
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    Weak Leadership = Weak Team

    Turner and Bowden were open a lot last year because the other team often had to try to come down and double the inside players. That's not the case this year. It has nothing to do with leadership. They just don't have the 5* talent to create their own shots. Even so, there won't be many nights...
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    Maurers ex gf airing out laundry

    Brian may have just dodged a Susan Smith syndrome.
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    SEC Title game

    Uh, 2007 wasn't THAT long ago.
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    Transfer portal thread

    And Means
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    Jennings suspended for first half of bowl game (merged)

    You watched the game on Hulu? How did you do that?
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    Vols against the (point) spread

    So we were 7-3 against the spread after the first 2 games. That's because the talent level and the national perception didn't match up. Don't count on that continuing.
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    Ranking the SEC . . . right now

    Good except: Bama 3, Auburn 4. (Auburn doesn't win that game on a neutral field) Ole Miss over Mizzou and USCe.
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    Reality of Our Situation

    Feels like '88. 88: 5-6, winning last five games. 89: 11-1
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    Crouch equal to McKenzie, Hurd & Kamara

    This. He's playing very well. Marquez Callaway barely touched the field as a freshman, look at him now. I'm always amazed at how people expect every player to be Herschel Walker when they get here. There's a huge difference between an 18 year old and a 22 year old.

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