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    That's my player!

    It's not a binary choice.
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    All of this Bowl game talk,

    If you want to soar, got to think like an eagle - RRRAAAAAAAHHHCK!
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    All of this Bowl game talk,

    And we beat two ranked teams, one on the road; so? As Pruitt said, we were outplayed and outcoached, which isn't being outmanned or any more beat up than the teams being played.
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    All of this Bowl game talk,

    Doesn't change the fact that TN had more talent than either. I doubt either of them had a win over a ranked team. There was no reason to foresee them as certain losses, and certainly not biblical whippings. It was pathetic football. Bad effort and coaching does that.
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    All of this Bowl game talk,

    TN is far more talented than both teams and everyone is beat up and gassed at season's end.
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    Rucker: Vols aren’t better than last season-still hasn’t proved anything yet

    He's right that AU and UK wins were better quality wins than SEC wins this year, but I think taking GA and UA deep into the game were better losses than last year. The team is better at this point, but until that translates to a better win/loss record and bowling, ok - yeah, they're not...
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    All of this Bowl game talk,

    That assumes MO and Vandy players have nothing better to do than obsess about TN fans obsessing on forums. The idea of bulletin board material inciting a team to rise and rape and pillage your own team is fan fantasy. That said, UT will whip them both, win the SEC, the Natty, the NFC and the...
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    Jauan Jennings not named as a Biletnikoff Award Semifinalist.

    Everyone must hate us for a reason and I admit succumbing to a bit of animosity towards us, myself. BVS and self-loathing....sigh! - tough being a true VFL.
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    Poll: Should Guarantano transfer?

    Dumb Award of the Day.
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    Trey Smith Has Been Named Semifinalist For Collegiate Man Of The Year

    You can't. It's like the heart tattoo with "Angela", memento of a boozy, lurid weekend in Vegas with the life-vacating, raze it to the ground if you dump me-succubus you married and divorced in a 36 hour span. You have an estranged son named Angelo and 17 annums of child support ahead. A...
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    "I'm not buying Jeremy Pruitt even though they're on a nice little run."

    This guy goes through my community pizzing on every post, tire, street sign and is the reason walking my dogs takes an hour.
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    What is really going on with Trump's taxes?

    They are, but they're his massive hacks.
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    "I'm not buying Jeremy Pruitt even though they're on a nice little run."

    After a bad start, the program is trending positively and I think the staff warrants our support. That's different than asserting Pruitt is the guy and will get it done; he has to reach some milestones that are just a wishlist at the moment. He's unproven. The staff is developing talent and...
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    Coach Rick Barnes on JG

    It would suck to be your children.
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    Coach Rick Barnes on JG

    We'll sure remember the beating of dead horses and bones chewed to a nub for years to come...
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    Pruitt has said all season JG is the teams best QB

    Odd how that contradicts the forum experts who declared no one wants to play for JG when he's in, he a loner, a "me, me" guy, etc., utterly convinced of their appraisal of a situation they can only see through their TV. Laughable, actually.
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    Enjoy [GIFs from UK Game]

    Agree. Contrary to some worrying about JG tucking the ball, if he and the RB don't sell the threat of pass right up to line of scrimmage, it probably doesn't work.
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    End of KY Game

    Sigh...surely you just forgot the blue font. But "an ass beating" would be a reaction of good sportsmanship. Oooookay.....
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    JG is now your starting QB ... he has earned it

    But, but, but...50/50 balls - magically thrown with regularity by JG - simply aren't part of the game when you have big, athletic receivers - WTF are you thinking???? It's all LUCK...magic - maybe JG made a pact with Lucifer - but those big, rangy receivers should not be expected to go up and...
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    JG is now your starting QB ... he has earned it

    21 of 30 minutes is 9 minutes and almost exactly the same number of minutes TN had the ball 2nd half. Rust, schmust. Freshman, smeshman. The guy that can produce wins NOW needs to play. At this time, that's not Maurer.

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