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    She’s dealt with multiple severe injuries over her career and also played international ball. I wouldn’t be surprised if she retired next season. I didn’t watch the sparks much this year, but when I did, Parker looked a step slower than usual, even after missing half the season, and she also...
  2. Undercovervol

    Europe Trip

    Mtsuraider has nothing to offer. Clearly he/she was part of the former staff
  3. Undercovervol

    Does anyone know?

    You can also find the last time TN played UConn in 2007 on YouTube—UT won in Storrs (Candace Parker dunked in that game which is my picture).
  4. Undercovervol

    WNBA Action -5/31

    Washington destroyed Conn. Without those shooters, Conn is in big trouble. No way can Alyssa Thomas and Jones continue to manufacture points like they did early on. Thomas is a great athlete but can't shoot. If EDD had hit a few more of her open shots (she had many), this game would've been...
  5. Undercovervol

    Lauren Cox Update

    I'm a fan of Lauren Cox!
  6. Undercovervol

    2019-2020 BIG XII/SEC Challenge

    Their schedule is usually light
  7. Undercovervol

    WNBA Action -5/31

    I totally disagree with this post. Players should definitely speak up for better and more equal treatment. The attitude that they should sit down and shut up is troubling for multiple reasons that are nearly self explanatory... Nowhere is the disparity between men and women’s treatment greater...
  8. Undercovervol

    WNBA Action -5/31

    The WNBA is still the best women’s basketball league in the world though, by a significant margin. You also have to consider the level of defense being played on most teams. They are extremely competitive every game because most players have to fight to keep their spot or get cut mid season...
  9. Undercovervol

    WNBA Action -5/31

    Missing stars also contribute to that. I agree, a lot of teams look tired, particularly teams like Phoenix. No way should BG be struggling to score like she is...She looks slower and less aggressive. Atlanta also looks slow and tired. Aces look like the best team in stretches.
  10. Undercovervol

    WNBA Action -5/31

    Aces destroying liberty. Plum shooting well, cambage unstoppable down low
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    LVFL Holly Warlick honored at Legacy event

    The only thing I hold against Warlick now is her refusal to step down when it became clear that she wasn't getting it done. She also deserved most of the criticism that came her way during her tenure. However, if LVs want to celebrate her as a LVFL, she's def earned that.
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    2019-20 Non-conference Schedule released

    I think that's the real reason for not scheduling us. Why schedule a bottom tier SEC team with poor offense and hack defense, both things you won't see late in the tournament? Why give UTenn more press covereage than we already get? I think Stanford and Notre Dame play us solely so they can show...
  13. Undercovervol

    WNBA Action -5/31

    Her shot looks good every time, but they don't fall like they should. I do believe she can be a great player, and I think her overseas/Olympic experience has gone better. I think she played in the top Russian league this year.
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    WNBA Action -5/31

    Plum can't hit a shot a lot of games. She's highly inconsistent and has been to start the season. I still think the Aces will be the best team by the end...right now Cambage is playing very low minutes, but they should increase. Young should also look to score, but again she's getting pretty low...
  15. Undercovervol

    UNC Grad-Transfer 5'11" G Stephanie Watts

    Unfortunately she always looks lost on the court and is a complete offensive liability. Maybe she’ll get some development with the new staff
  16. Undercovervol

    UNC hiring Banghart to replace Hatchell

    This is the type of hire I wish we had.
  17. Undercovervol

    Way too early top 25 (ESPN)

    Omg what a tournament!
  18. Undercovervol

    Way too early top 25 (ESPN)

    Horston will be impact, but imo our season lies with whether Harper can get Davis right. Davis has all the potential in the world to be an elite wing, but she hasn't come close to her potential. She must become more physical, more willing to take contact, and more willing to take and make...
  19. Undercovervol

    Way too early top 25 (ESPN)

    Sabrina Ionescu, Oregon lead Way-Too-Early Top 25 for 2019-20 Lady Vols come in at 24. Hope this team surprises everyone. Other surprises: UConn 7, A&M 5. Who would’ve thought A&M would ever be the preseason top SEC team? South Carolina is 9. Stanford 3 and Oregon 1. Epic battles coming in PAC 12.
  20. Undercovervol

    Female assistant to men's college basketball team

    In what way does trying to include a female on staff contribute to Vandy being “elitist”? If anything, it’s the opposite. Also, if anything it’s more socially correct to have an all male staff for men’s’s more progressive to include a woman if she can do the job.

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