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  1. tobybeast

    Can the Arkansas situation affect Tennessee Football?

    So you're saying it's Kiffin! LOL
  2. tobybeast

    Who do you want in a bowl?

    First they need to be eligible to play in a bowl. I am not saying that it's not going to happen. I just believe the team has closer challenges at hand before then. With that said, I don't know that UT is ready for Michigan or Texas for that matter. I am leaning toward TCU caliber team. I want...
  3. tobybeast

    JG Hilarious Comment.........

  4. tobybeast

    *****Jeremy Pruitt post game comments

    Best post I’ve seen! Sad but true!
  5. tobybeast

    Tennessee to wear orange pants vs. UK

    I do not care what they wear as long as they beat ever loving crap out of Kentucky! My goodness they could come out wearing 80's aerobics garb with Richard Simmons as long as they win!!!
  6. tobybeast

    Who Will Score The First Tennessee Touchdown Against Kentucky?

    JJ takes a direct snap, throws it up, runs under the ball and scores all on his own! All the time making every defensive player miss or stiff-arming them so hard they fly all the way over to their bench!
  7. tobybeast

    Can Pruitt hire this guy just for interviews?

    Now that's funny stuff!
  8. tobybeast

    If we win out...and win our bowl game...what would our projected rank be?

    I would be stoked if The VOLS were top 25! Just because of all the crap that has went down the past few years!
  9. tobybeast

    What Other Message Boards are Saying- UAB Edition

    Taking my son for his first football game Saturday! I hope TN wins by 40!
  10. tobybeast

    When We Lose to Chattanooga...

    I guarantee they beat Florida..... sorry couldn't help myself.
  11. tobybeast

    Vols 28 point favorites over UTC

    I don't care what they say. Until the clock at the end of the 4th quarter has all zeros, and the score is in favor of the VOLS. The current team in Knoxville should not be favored in anything.
  12. tobybeast

    *****Freak's Friday Night Before BYU Admittedly Off-Topic Thread

    I will be participating in The Scenic City Mud Run in the A.M.. So I will be watching the game from my couch!
  13. tobybeast

    Tennessee Releases Depth Chart for Season Opener

    Modified depth charts for Georgia State! Save the risk of injury for the starters.?
  14. tobybeast

    Any Data Engineers or Web Designers Interested in Working on UT Football Projects?

    No but i can make sure that your poop goes the direction that is supposed to and not in your house and other various civil engineering duties.
  15. tobybeast

    Jim Harbaugh is totally full of it

    I wonder if Harbaugh is a reverse example of the college to NFL transition. There are coaches that have been great at the college ranks but sucked as NFL coaches. There are so many factors that go into the coaching game at whatever level you are coaching on. My opinion, that comes from his...
  16. tobybeast

    Inky’s full speech

    Powerful words!!! If that doesn't motivate you, then you're dead!!! Even dead, I think it will make you twitch a little!!
  17. tobybeast

    Vols Tuesday Practice Thread

    So that's what they use the trash can for now!
  18. tobybeast

    SIAP: Pruitt already prepping for Florida?

    If I could like a post a bagillioin times this ^^ would be it!!! GO VOLS!!

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