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    Kentucky fan here

    Congratulations on the win tonight. I thought we had you at the end, but in spite of some boneheaded penalties and miscues your D stepped up when it needed to. You likely make a bowl this year. Hopefully we can beat Vandy next week and our final two OOC games and still get to 7 wins and a bowl...
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    Did we sell our full allotment of tix to Lexington?

    I believe attendance has been down all around the country for most every program even many of the elite programs. Unfortunately more people staying home with 65-75 HD TVs. Cost of tickets, food, snacks, drinks, even water, has gotten so high, it's hard for some families to afford much more than...
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    Big game for both teams

    Pruitt probably snuck out at night and painted it himself. Going to use it for bulletin board material to get his team motivated.
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    Big game for both teams

    No...not my style. I always try respect the opponents. In the end, it's not life; it's just a game.
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    Big game for both teams

    The game this Saturday is huge both ways. While it won't garner a whole lot of national attention, it will make a difference for two programs struggling to climb into significance. TN needs this win in a big way if it wants to reach bowl eligibility. A loss to KY would put a lot of pressure on...
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    What to expect from Kentucky

    sjt18, I think you have given a very fair analysis. And yes, if UT shuts down the running game, UK is toast. But I don't think you will be as successful against Bowden in that regard. Tenn will need to limit turnovers and keep the UK defense on the field. Otherwise it will be a very close game...
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    What to expect from Kentucky

    Live in TN now, but lived lot of younger years in Kentucky. Love the Cats, but have a lot of respect for TN which has been a great program over the years. Always look forward to their matchup every year in spite of the fact that we seem to find a way to lose most of the time.
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    What to expect from Kentucky

    It appears that UK will ride with Lynn Bowden behind center. While he signed to play WR, he did play QB in high school, and because of injuries has been pressed into QB duty. He has played 3 games and has a 2-1 record, losing to Georgia and beating Ark. and Missou. While he is a run first...
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    Kentucky game set for 7:30 on SECN

    Very likely this will be a close game. UK has a decent defense. Probably one of the better ones the Vols will face. The offense is one dimensional, but tends to eat up clock, limiting possessions. UK will also be coming off a bye week so their dinged up players should be back to 100% or close to...
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    Should we be favored the rest of the season?

    Uh....I guarantee you Kentucky will not lose again before you play them.
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    Thoughts from an outsider

    First off, I am not a UT fan and hate that they have owned my team forever... but I have to give some honest thoughts about what I saw in the game last night. 1. The Vols are a much better team than many of their own fans admit. This team is miles ahead of where it was after that loss to GA...
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    The Official Tennessee @ #1 Alabama Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    SEC officials absolutely will not let TN win this game.
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    Total SEC Wins by Team - Time Lapse

    Cool graphic that is! Didn't realize Vandy and UK were one time at the top levels.
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    Weather to be a factor Saturday night?

    Could be a few safeties. 4-2 would be a nice final score.
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    Squirrel (mystery solved)

    If a squirrel can bring revival in Pasgagoula, no telling what one could do for a football team.
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    Lets BEAT Miss State!!!

    This may be a pivot game for the Vols. No one expects to stay with Ala, so a loss against the little bulldog team would put you at 1-6 after the Tide game. Then you have to wonder how much emotional energy the team will have for the remaining and more winnable part of the schedule. But win next...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #3 Georgia Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    He looks like the real deal... and throwing against a really good D.
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    The Future Is Bright

    From here it can't go anywhere but up... that is, of course, unless it keeps going down.
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    Mus Chump

    You should be able to beat us (UK) again, because no matter who you put in as QB he will be way better than any QB we have left on our roster. Last night all USCjr had to do was play some loose man-to- man coverage and load the box to shut down the run. Force UK into 3 and outs on every series...
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    Tomorrow we take the 1st step

    Ok. UK has done everything we could do to help you win this game. We bruised up their OL and DL. We knocked their starting QB out. You won't have to face him. We let them come back and win, so they won't come out as angry and hungry. We even twisted an ankle or two. There wasn't much more we...

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