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    To all the UT fans still proudly displaying...

    Proudly drive in Georgia with my Tennessee vanity tag. go Vols
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    Fulmer's Silence ?

    Fulmer is part of the problem. He needs to back off the field and stay in his office and take care of all sports. That should keep him busy. He wants to micro coach. Turn the coaches loose and let’s win games. He wants to coach again and no one hired him after we let him go. He must have read HC...
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    Auburn is a great case study for Tennessee

    I am married to the most loyal of all auburn fans. He supports Gus. They have had their bad times and bad coaches but seem to be doing fine now. Bo Nix would never have gone anywhere else. Tennessee can come back with stability of staff and good recruiting. Having the chance to play immediately...
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    Mike Leach accepted the UT Job, then we withdrew the offer... Let that sink in

    Think about the administration at that time. The woman chancellor had come from same place butch did. President was retiring and Mr Alabama had just left us in a mess. Currie was caught in the middle of a mess with fulmer waiting in the door to take his job..our team and our university will...
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    TOS Reporting 3 players likely to enter transfer portal

    Maybe this is what it will take to bring us back. Butch was bad in more ways than the football field. Two years and he still carries a clipboard and walks sidelines. Must not be doing well with his rehab in the Saban rehab school.
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    Could Chaney make JG another Crompton?

    Time for a change in QB. JG has quit. He is slow and apparently doesn’t or can not read defense. Some of worst TN football I have seen in 50plus years
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    The Downfall Of Tennessee Football

    Hamilton was the beginning, then Dave from Bama who did not want the Vols to succeed. Look at his hires...fulmer has no administrative experience or training where it counts..yesterday Jeremy played a lot of his recruits and it made a big difference. I feel better now. A win over Florida would...
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    Fulmer coach in waiting (article)

    Fulmer is the problem. He wants back on the field. Got new job with university, applied for AD did not get job, had ear of chancellor. Got Currie fired. Was sitting waiting to take his place. Did not hire an experienced head coach to clean up after jones. Got sited by ncaa for being on field...
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    Chaney did not lose this game for us

    Let Chaney have the quarterback he needs. He is an offensive mind who wins games. He did it when he was here before and at Georgia. Let the man do his job. Pruitt is a defensive coach. I hear on the street that maybe the power grab is not in coaching staff but in the AD main office (one where...
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    Will Friend out? [Twitter troll rumor]

    Three years, recruited by jones, losing season each year, good players transfer or not used. Why should JG still be playing. He has graduated and is taking minimum class work. Let’s give new kid that Pruitt recruited a chance.
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    Starting tomorrow morning

    Fulmer is AD not coaching anymore.? I bet he is not staying out of it even with the ncaa watching. Let the coaches use their recruits and move forward. JG has had his time. Use the new kids and get the new winning teams begin.
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    We talk about stability but...

    To fire Pruitt and put Phil in as interim is playing into Phil’s great plan to get back on the field. He would win the world championship in back stabbing and sneakiness (new word especially for PF). Go vols
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    Chaney and Retirement

    Give our freshmen a chance. The others are building our team and giving us chances. JG has his degree and he obviously has stopped learning. He is not only game in town. What else do we have to lose with a freshman. Look at Bo Nix and others. It is not Jeremy. Phil just cannot let it go...
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    A New Name In the Search For New Lady Vol Coach article

    Why not Nell. She was good st auburn. Left on her decision. Keeps up with the game today. Just thinking. First rate coach.
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    Holly isn’t handling the termination well...

    She can ride her motorcycle and dress the part. She had nice blouses but never bought them big enough. Pat nor other lady coaches looked as tacky as she did. Same black belt on her pants. Did she not hear of untucked. Not telling the team is very bad. Bye bye
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    Official Statement Released

    Hope he did it in such a way that she can get her retirement from the system. I am sure they did. Has anyone heard the buyout amount. Enjoy yourself Holly
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    Quote from Warlick post-game

    Pray the rumors are true. She can retire which would keep her from meddling in new coach’s program. I would take her retirement check in a nano second. It is time Holly. Dress up. Hold a presser and retire.
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    WE OUT

    Holly. Man up and retire. Your check will support you well and the LV can start to rise again. It is the right thing to do. You are a VFL so act like one
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    Could Former Tennessee Vol Kelly Jolly-Harper Keep The Lady Vols Out of NCAA's?

    lOVE Kelly but it is time to spend the bucks and get a class Division 1 coach....I have followed the team since Pat took it over years ago and have been so proud. It hurts to see what has happened lately. Holly I hope has her letter ready for Tuesday morning to announce her retirement from the...
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    Great job Coach RICK BARNES!

    What a game!!!!!!! Now to beat Auburn....War at my house....Hubby an Auburn Fan......We will get them back for the last game of the regular season when we are playing at a neutral site with lots of orange shirts present. Too bad the lady Vols could not make it further but with our coming new...

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