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    Can you imagine a Butch Jones OL doing this?

    The offensive linemen should have said, "Hold Our Beer" while they helped Jordan.
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    2020 NBA Season Thread (brought to you by Jerry’s need for attention)

    I think De Andre Hunter of Atlanta will get some ROY votes.
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    2020 NBA Season Thread (brought to you by Jerry’s need for attention)

    The season tips off tonight and Zion Williamson is out 6 to 8 weeks with a knee injury which is tough for New Orleans.
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    Tennessee Has Opened At +4.5 At Home Against SC

    The home team usually gets 3 points so this is about right as far as the line is concerned.
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    Not Giving Tim Jordan Enough Love

    He will probably make an NFL roster as a free agent or late round draft choice when he is through at UT.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: South Carolina

    Tennessee 20 South Carolina 17 Tiebreaker 110 yards for JJ.
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    Heard Fulmer

    As a Hiwassee College alum, I will miss reading about their basketball games in the News Sentinel because they are now closed.
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    Let’s Stop Piling On

    UT had too many penalties tonight.
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    Bench JG for rest of season!

    CJP said something unprintable when he chewed Guarantano out for fumbling away a scoring opportunity.
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    Heard Fulmer

    Randy Boyd also deserves credit for keeping CRB at UT as the AD of any school has to inform the president about any negotiations in that department.
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    Why poke the bear?

    Yogi and Boo Boo say "Hold My Beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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    BaseVol Commit List (2018+)

    CTV and CFA seem to be looking for power arms in the pitching department.
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    As the season fast approaches, just remember...

    I think if the Lady Vols get into the NCAA Tournament this season, it will have been a solid season and any wins in the Big Dance is icing on the cake.
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    Final Shot: Bowden or Turner

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    Saturday Uniforms

    CJP pulls a Kiffin and they come out in road smoky gray uniforms.
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    At +34.5, this would tie for the 6th biggest upset in college football history...

    Once Saban retires, I think Alabama will go hard after Swinney as his replacement. The Browns had Belichick and Saban on their staff at one time and did not give Belichick enough time as head coach before he ended up in New England.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Alabama

    Alabama 43 Tennessee 10 130 rushing yards.
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    Trevon Flowers broke his leg

    Get well soon.
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    Uros Plavsic commits to Tennessee

    The article was written by Mike Wilson, the basketball beat writer for the KNS.
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    Is South Carolina game the Most Critical?

    All the remaining games are critical and Tennessee just improved their chances to make a bowl game after today because other than Alabama, they can win the rest of their games.

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