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    I apologize in advance for this posting.

    Dog days of summer. lol.
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    Diamond DeShields is an All-Star

    Not entirely true. The fan vote only counted for 50% of the Starter vote. WNBA players counted for 25% and media counted for the remaining 25%.. There were players who did not make the top ten by fan voting, yet ended up gaining making up ground via media and player votes.
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    Sedona Prince...She Gone!

    The Pac 12 is also the new "it" conference. They have had a major influx of really good coaches that have elevated a lot of teams. The Pacific North West is also a major hotbed for women's basketball. Probably third behind, in no particular order, Texas and California. Players that used to go...
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    UConn back to Big East

    They will still be a very good team as long as Geno is coach, but the days of totally dominate dynasties are definitely over. Four different teams in the last four years have won the NCAA's.
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    Sedona Prince...She Gone!

    Yes! This is a big loss for Uconn. Much more than it is a gain for Oregon. Uconn needed her far more than Oregon did. Oregon had plenty of height already. The dynamic of basketball strength is changing towards the West.
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    Westbrook surgery

    Well the Vols play them in Dec, so them being out 4 months might affect how effective they will be when they meet Uconn.
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    Geno: Lady Vols are 'any other school now'

    Williams breakout game against ND only reinforces my perspectives on her being an opportunist on the court. Her big games were against ND and the McDonalds AA game. In the McDonalds game there was little defense being played so Williams who was feeing it took advantage. The ND guards consist of...
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    Geno: Lady Vols are 'any other school now'

    People put to much stock into a players ranking coming out of high school. Sometimes it carries over into the next level, but often it does not. Some players if not peaked have almost reached their potential in high school. In today's WBB world when players play year-round from an early age and...
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    Non-Lady Vol news 2018-19

    I have always liked Minyons game. I always thought she was far better than her more publicized big sister. One reason she was under the radar, out of high school, was that she deferred to big sister and also was hindered by injuries. What I like about her is that she can be a type A personality...
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    Geno: Lady Vols are 'any other school now'

    The lead sentence in this article is highly misleading and is putting words and meaning into Gino's mouth. He never said he didn't see what the big deal was about Tenn. basketball anymore. This is a writer trying to stir up sh!t. What he said was he didn't understand what the big to do was...
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    Stephanie Watts commits to Southern Cal

    Realistically, considering what the Vols have gone through the last few seasons and the recent change of coaches, it should be considered a positive that this coach has not lost more players via transfer.
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    Coach Kara Lawson on 3x3 making 2020 Olympic debut

    Yes she can really shoot, but she has no handles and seldom passes the ball to open teammates. I also understand that those that know her claim she is a b!tch.
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    USA Basketball Women's 3x3 National Championship

    Rhyne Howard played a great game in the Championship game. She basically kept her team in the game, but SI was just too much.
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    Baylor-Notre Dame

    I could see feeding the football players fast food burgers, but not the women. There was an excuse for the guys getting fed that but wasn't the kitchen open this time either. Perhaps Donald thought the woman would want the same stuff as the guys did. Well he was never good at PR.
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    Holly isn’t handling the termination well...

    I think the demonizing might be a reaction to the entire situation that put Holly in a position that she was not suited for. Then there was also peoples defense of her because of her niceness. I don't know Holly, but sometimes people who give that appearance are not that nice. Their niceness is...
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    Jeff Walz Emailed Me Back

    As long as he doesn't hire his friend Bullwinkle as an assistant.
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    Is there any chance whatsoever...

    Why wait for it to be announced who the hire is. Get an early start and begin criticizing right now. If necessary the coaches name can just be left blank. Everyone can just make multiple posts to cover every possible type of coach that could be hired.
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    Who is your top choice for a replacement?

    Actually it would make sense logically for Geno. The fact that Uconn is locked into the AAC is becoming a real liability in recruiting. Geno has a real effective system, but it requires an impute of top talent. That would be assured if he coached Tenn. The returning talent for Uconn is not that...
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    Last Goodbye

    I would like to comment on on the rational of some of the posts on this thread. It is a general response and not necessarily directed at Holly or her situation at Tenn. I have always had a problem with people who felt that an organization owed something to a coach or player or any other...
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    Louisville prepared to lose women's basketball coach Jeff Walz to Tennessee

    I understand that part of the contract requires Walz to marry Holly and hire her as an assistant.

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