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    A thread for the delusional optimists among us....

    Dang man you got a sackful of the fire !!!!! You still up ? Wouldn't mind if a fellow Vol fan dropped by would ya ?
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    Can someone explain to me Bama’s hatred for Fulmer?

    Auburn was paying athletes like it was an everyday thing......just an accepted way of life there. I actually think because they did it so much that it tempted Bama to follow suit.
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    Can someone explain to me Bama’s hatred for Fulmer?

    The media likely portrayed him as a "snitch" and that could have turned some good players away. Drama is distasteful to young athletes in that they perceive it could hinder their development. Our current staff should recruit well as the higher rated recruits are yearning to be developed.
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    Tim Jordan-unsung hero

    All the top coaches insist that the SEC is becoming a LOS league. USCe was able to stand toe to toe against UGA sat. It played a huge part in UT's win also. We need to keep getting these big fellas recruited and build a solid foundation.
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    What Happened to Dillon Bates?

    You see the DNA results or just assuming?
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    Mississippi State -6.5

    You are full of it. Did you not see the last possession UT had when he replaced BM ? 1st he over threw Keyton in the endzone by 3 feet. Got a PI call which gave them 1st down at the 6 yard line. 4 plays later UGA is actually celebrating that they stopped UT on that drive. ESPN's cameras actually...
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    Mississippi State -6.5

    Pruitt needs to kick the FG's when we're close and it's 4th down instead of trying to go for 1st downs. Would have been the deciding factor in the BYU game if he had kicked them. It's ok to try for it midway thru 4th qtr. when trailing by a score or two otherwise take the points. It doesn't do...
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    Biggest disgrace last night

    Would like to see Todd team up with Brad Nessler
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    Darnell Wright: just don't give up on us

    I can't remember the last time I was in Neyland it's been so long. I'll also be there for several games to close out this season. Hoping our game with USCe will be at night. No better atmosphere on earth than Neyland on a Sat. nite imo. Have fun......GBO !!!
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    JJ Petersen

    He was slowed by injury coming in. You can't work out with his type of injury. Aggravated shoulder injury during practice. He'll be alright.
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    Players and Coaches have to be separated on sideline

    Just the raven coming out of me toward the steelers and the fact that they recently traded Dobbs. Loved 'em with Bradshaw, Lambert, Blount, etc.......true blue collar. Probably best football team in history, imo.
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    Players and Coaches have to be separated on sideline

    Right.......Darnell W., Henry T., .........etc. have been on campus 4 months. Many haven't had time to get into good playing condition. Rare for a lineman to even start in the SEC right out of HS. The true conditioning will show during their soph year if they're dedicated.
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    Players and Coaches have to be separated on sideline

    Sc*#w you and a steeler........going back to nashville as a titan.
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    Players and Coaches have to be separated on sideline

    that's right.....some damn good players don't play. you make a mistake, they'll let you know in a heartbeat. They're true competitors and all they care about is the W.......for 3+ hours
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    Players and Coaches have to be separated on sideline least a sign that a few players have some fire about them. Could use a few playing with a mean streak especially on D.
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    Brian Maurer starting against UGA

    I'd like to think that's CJP's plan. Not gonna be a good thing to start the young man and end up jerking him for a mistake he's bound to make. That would destroy his confidence and demonstrate the fact that Pruitt isn't ready to coach at the P5 level. I'm certain that CJC had input into this...
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    Pruitt dismisses Banks.

    Even for the prima-dona's i.e. Ray Rice. Can't remember the Chief's running back who was suspended and don't know if he's back in the league or not. (Kareem Hunt ?) This has to be one of the 1st things these young men are made aware of when arriving. They're in the public eye and their actions...
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    Jeremy Banks needs to be dismissed

    Slow your roll homey. You stated "one of his girlfriends," which could be taken as JB has a little pimp action going on the side. That profession could explain the late hours.
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    Weekly Press Conference

    Thanks !

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