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    Strategy for Bama - TLDR: We win.

    And there’s an unofficial requirement that it be referenced multiple times per season. Each time it makes me want to watch Animal House again.
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    At +34.5, this would tie for the 6th biggest upset in college football history...

    So his deal with the devil included immortality?
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    Vols Turn the Corner?

    I think you have a number of very capable challengers for that position, and rightfully so.
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    Maurer listed as the starter for Bama

    Yep, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! Norm said so. And he's doing pretty good at AZ State. I have no idea how a guy can be retired from coaching as long as he was, switch from NFL to college, and succeed as well as he has.
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    Something needs to be said about our QB situation

    I've wondered for a while why they don't roll him out like they did with Crompton his final year. Seems like it would limit the decisions he has to make and maybe speed up his decision process. I'm sure it's been considered, just wonder what the reason is not to try it?
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    Something needs to be said about our QB situation

    I seem to remember back in the long gone days of my youth I took some martial arts classes where they tried to teach how to control a fall and absorb the impact. I don't think I ever absorbed the lesson. Later in life I learned the ground was harder than martial arts pads.
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    Kirby is Classless

    Are we really to the point where we whine about the opposing team blitzing? Maybe we need a flag football league.
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    Biggest bunch of whiners ive ever seen

    OP whining about whiners.
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    Pruitt Dismisses the Rest of 2019

    And yet here you are again, and again, and again. Saying the same thing. Again. Pot, meet kettle.
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    Pruitt Secures Job This Week...

    You are doing pretty well yourself.
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    Did You See Nebraska?

    I guess I could complain about the weather instead (we have about three inches of snow). Naw, I'll stick to Georgia State and Pruitt.
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    Did You See Nebraska?

    I have. Drop by the next time you are in NE Washington. I got a few thoughts about Georgia State we can discuss.
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    Dominoes are falling, Rutgers coach just fired

    Butch will take the job for a buck a month till his buyout is done.
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    Stop acting like petulant children

    Just a reminder, That DC is in his first year as a DC Kinda hard to be one of the most highly thought of in your first year. Also applies to the HC.
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    Stop acting like petulant children

    Me too brother. Me too.
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    I really need this board to move past the GA State game

    Yep, that's me. I'll never forget it and hope it haunts JP for the rest of his days. And yes, I'm bitter and petty when it comes to Vol football.
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    impressive how easy it was......

    Some say respect should be earned. I'm a bit easier in that I feel respect should be given until someone shows to be undeserving. I have no reason to doubt that Pruitt may be a fine person, husband and father thus in those aspects he has my respect. As a head coach folks have a number of...
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    Yall remember when many wanted Fuente

    You are correct. In hind site though butch never built his own program. Lived off the inheritance to get the UT job.
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    Yall remember when many wanted Fuente

    I think that's the sort of approach the boosters and admin need to consider. An established solid coach, may have to be from a lower level, but one with successful experience running a program. Maybe toward the end of his career. He gets the program back to respectable and there's a better...
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    Zero proof that Vandy, USC, or UK

    Never, ever forget.

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