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  1. Pacer92

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Alabama

    Bama 40 UT 21 108 yds
  2. Pacer92

    Do Uni's Really Make A Difference?...

    Let’s bring back the tear away jersey too... Worth at least 6 more wins.. Love the all orange, btw..
  3. Pacer92

    Pruitt Can Dance!

    Dude isn’t a fan...he’s more worried about getting likes on his perpetual negativity, than celebrating a damn good win!
  4. Pacer92

    Pruitt Can Dance!

    You gonna take a **** on this win, like you do everything else?! Gtfo!
  5. Pacer92

    Vols Practice Thread Tuesday

    I agree. Position had decent depth at start of season. Coaches obviously not confident in JJP at this point.
  6. Pacer92

    Vols Practice Thread Tuesday

    I feel like QC should’ve been inside all along...jmo.
  7. Pacer92

    Pruitt dismisses Banks.

    A lot of people want to blame others in today’s society... JB put himself in this position...not Coach Pruitt. I have complete faith that CJP diligently looked at all the facts before making the best decision for both the team and Jeremy.
  8. Pacer92

    That's racist!

    Sorry if already posted... Was CIA ‘too white’ to spot 9/11 clues?
  9. Pacer92

    Vols Practice Thread Wednesday

    Love it. One of the two backups is about to become the most popular player on the team within a couple of games...
  10. Pacer92

    Jeremy Banks needs to be dismissed

    I don’t disagree. My only point is that people have been indoctrinated through music and Hollywood to disrespect the police....and yes, that’s ********.
  11. Pacer92

    Ga Favored By 24 ?

    Upset of the decade?! Probably not... We will look better though! Hide and watch...
  12. Pacer92

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    No way. The guy has the worst roster ever.. HB would be nice...and be an additional win or two, but the roster is depleted of capable SEC caliber players...jmo
  13. Pacer92

    Everyone needs to see this tweet

    Where would he be first string?
  14. Pacer92

    Rick Pitino visits Vol hoops practice

    Tricky Rick in the house..
  15. Pacer92

    Vols Practice Thread Tuesday

    Not going that far, BUT I think with a new QB, we see glimpses... Only way..
  16. Pacer92

    Is the world better off with the nation of Israel?

    I was shocked in one area...that it was Ukraine....I’ll admit that, but it was VERY obvious by the noted war mongering politicians on stage at Maiden...could read it like a book. Why is there never any real, genuine, conflict resolving with our diplomacy? It’s all bullying...
  17. Pacer92

    Is the world better off with the nation of Israel?

    Why would someone do that?
  18. Pacer92

    Is the world better off with the nation of Israel?

    Against Russia is against Russia...pivot west. Let’s be black and grey or wiggle room to support both causes in today’s world? Or is there? I really don’t think that most Americans can or would like to admit that WE sponsored an anti-Russian coup...on their doorstep...
  19. Pacer92

    Is the world better off with the nation of Israel?

    Ukraine is now a puppet state...nothing sovereign about it. Russia is strong and independent... A no brainer..

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