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    Vols Picked to Finish 5th in SEC

    I think 5th is fair. I don't think Florida will finish 2nd because their coach isn't that great. They do have plenty of talent though.
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    Final Shot: Bowden or Turner

    You put the ball in Turner's hands regardless, if it ends up in Bowden's hands on a kick out, then you'll live with the result either way.
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    My (belated) Rocky Top scrimmage report

    That's actually how I was comparing them believe it or not. Pember's shoulders are a little lower than the other big men, but he also has a very long neck. Yves' shoulders are right there with both the guys next to him.
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    My (belated) Rocky Top scrimmage report

    Yves looks to have grown a couple of inches. He's standing next to brock Jancek and olivier who are both listed at 6-8, and he's every bit as tall as them. Pember doesn't look as tall as I thought he was as well.
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    Ms State Football boards

    They did lose essentially all of their defense this year, but that was the only thing that kept them competitive last year. They're offense has been pretty bad even though he's an offensive minded coach. Tommy Stevens is flat out terrible. They're better off letting Shrader make his freshman...
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    VN Opinion: Do we get to 6 wins?

    If we take care of the ball against south Carolina, I expect to beat them, particularly if they still have their third string QB in there. UAB is decent, but I don't think they're better than Mississippi state. Bama and Missouri look like losses. Vandy is terrible, so I expect a win there...
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    Attendance today?

    The student section did fill up a little as the game went on, my guess is around 79,000.
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    '20 TN OL Chris Morris (Texas A&M commit)

    Bold of you to assume he's not
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    '20 TN ATH Reggie Grimes

    You're right, an elite athlete that fills a need. He should be a priority.
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    Defensive line cmon

    Georgia has the best offensive line in college football, and a very experienced QB to pick up blitzes. That hardly counts. They looked decent against Florida and pretty good against BYU. Depth is an issue, we're also missing our best lineman in Gooden, the rest except for Solomon are very...
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    Just a Quick Reminder...Through 5 Games.....

    We shutout a team this year, and only 1 team has scored more than 39 points on us. How could you ever think we're giving up 38 a game. If it's any consolation, we're 57th in total defense this year which isn't that bad. We're 84th in scoring defense. If our offense could limit turnovers and...
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    Vols Practice Thread Wednesday

    I think that's actually pretty good news if Brandon Johnson does come back. We'll certainly need it help at WR, and he'll be the second option most likely assuming palmer stays.
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    Will Barnes Surprise Us?

    I think we still have several very good individual defenders, and we're still returning a good amount of people from the last few years. Bowden and Turner are great defenders and proven. Yves has showed he can be very good as well. Fulky still needs to get stronger, but gives really good effort...
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    Will Barnes Surprise Us?

    Plavsic is certainly the most important factor. His defense alone could contribute to a couple wins. It's just about being eligible. I expect a faster paced team with more spacing, and probably more 3s. Obviously losing admiral and grant means a lot less post touches. ORN is the only one on...
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    Vols Practice Thread Tuesday

    I believe you're right, but his quickest path to playing time was outside. Obviously things have changed, but now he'll be able to play both positions. Hopefully they can teach Peterson to do the same.
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    Public Parking

    I'm not sure, but I'd guess an hour at least. I've used them plenty when I had the vol pass a couple of years ago and it worked out pretty well. The only issue is waiting in line on the way back from the arena. That line is always much longer, but the walk isn't really that bad.
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    '20 TN ATH Reggie Grimes

    We need to beat USC this year. That would be a big blow to them and any negative recruiting they could do against us.
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    Give us your positive takeaways

    The defensive line is our biggest weakness on defense. Georgia obviously has one of the best offensive lines in the country, so I guess it could be expected that they dominated that matchup. Again, literally none of them had played a meaningful snap for us before this year, but I do think...
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    Revised SEC Scheduling

    The easiest way to do this is to send A&M and Missouri back to the big 12. That is what I'd prefer. That way we'd play 3 west teams a year again.

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