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    Teonni on campus today, along with Angel

    Perhaps we should let this play out before we try to talk Angel out of coming. Apparently Kellie thought she was worth recruiting, and I think I am going to trust her on this
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    2020 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread in the Kellie Jolly-Harper

    The success of this year will determine a lot of that.
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    People need to understand that if Maurer was the better QB then our coaches would start him

    Deems like the main "talent" that the quarterback needs right now is the ability to look one way and throw another. It doesn't matter how good his arm is if everyone knows where the ball is going.
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    Pruitt not benching JG. Says he’s the best QB on the roster

    Coached up like he was from last week to this?
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    Pruitt, shut down social media!!!!

    There IS a big void in that department and it is not Juaun's fault. If no one else will take it and he will, more power to him.
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    Europe Trip

    I would think the different ball would play some into that.
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    Europe Trip

    So, the longer they play, the better they get. Kind of the reverse of last year.
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    If anyone listens to Mathews today, please summarize.

    Booby was fun to watch during timeouts too. 🦉
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    Jersey Wolfenbarger offered

    So she is used to winning championships...
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    ‘23 AL DL Peter Woods

    I was going to say 12. A big 12 though.
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    Coach Kellie responds to Geno's comment.

    Kelli is working the cause more than the coach. She knows this is a big fundraiser for The Summit foundation and Hall of Fame. It would be disrespectful to Pat not to promote the game. Geno is like "it's no big deal, don't come." Disrespectful is his middle name. It used to work for him.
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    Geno: Lady Vols are 'any other school now'

    I didn't read it. It is a John Adam's article? News Sentinel seems interested in posting only negative articles about the Lady Vols. Doesn't seem like this paper should be based in Knoxville.
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    Offers extended

    Or you could just use the emoji 🐂
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    Decision Pending !

    The men are getting Uros Plavsic who was originally at Hamilton Heights, maybe we are starting a trend.
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    KNS article on Kellie's planned offense

    I'm looking forward to the Lady Vols actually HAVING an offense this coming year.
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    Westbrook Comits to UCONN

    Uconn is starting to get better at not winning championships all by themselves.
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    Manning Opening Restaurant In Knoxville

    He should have a seafood platter called the "Joey Kent Catch".

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