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    Jolly hired as the next LV HC

    I thought the same thing when we hired Barnes. I'm with you, but let's give her a chance. Go Vols!
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    Raoul just tweeted that Kelly Harper is the new Lady Vol coach if she wants the job.

    I was living in Raleigh when KH got ran out by Yow. Yes her 2012 team beat Duke the ACC tourney, but only one of her 4 NC State teams (09-10) went to the NCAA and that team lost in the first round. Her conference record in her last two years at NC State was 5-11 and 7-11. Granted, her last...
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    3 Major Changes in College Basketball?

    Get rid of the 3-pointer entirely. It has ruined the game. A good, fundamentally sound team can get beat by a lesser team who gets hot shooting the 3. Let's get back to sound fundamentals. I would even go as far as raising the goal another 1-2 feet and making the court bigger, but that's...
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    I am not going to complain

    We have experienced things with the coach and this team that are infinitely more impressive (at least to me) than any banner, trophy, retired jersey, or any other "hardware" to speak of. I'm proud of the coach, these kids and proud how they have represented the school I graduated from. Yes, it...
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    I live in Lafayette, IN. AMA!

    I believe Dr Wasserman taught at Purdue before he taught at UT. He told the story once of one of his students falling asleep in an auditorium class and falling out of his chair and rolling down the steps, still asleep.
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    Forbes The Most Valuable College Basketball Teams

    I agree. TBA downtown at the Worlds Fair Site would be a traffic/parking nightmare, IMO. I think it's great where it is now, with relatively easy access.
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    ESPN Website

    Thanks. I just wanted make sure I wasn't crazy or overreacting. Ok maybe I did a little, but it strikes a bit of a nerve when ESPN puts the protests in the headlines (since that's what sells and gets "clicks", yet we have to dig to find a good article like Wes Rucker's on how special this...
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    ESPN Website

    Well I posted this in the football forum so that shows you how much of a rookie I am generating posts! I appreciate everyone's comments though. If any moderator wants to move it to the basketball thread, please do. Thanks.
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    ESPN Website

    05 I appreciate your response. Maybe I should change the headline to something more along the lines of "I didn't like what I saw on ESPN's website." It does not reflect ESPN as a whole.
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    ESPN Website

    I went to (I don't know why I do anymore) and the top headlines show Kentucky, Kansas and Duke in that order with the Kentucky photo/article featuring, "Coaches' questions: What's it like preparing for conference tourneys?" This is not new. I'm used to our Vols not being mentioned in...
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    Mean Face Trombone Girl

    I had no idea the Chris Blue video existed. Thanks for posting!
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    FINAL: 2018-2019 Vols Basketball AP Poll Ranking Tracker

    That's great! I didn't know there were gamers on here. I've been an XBL Battlefield player the last several years.
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    2019 Projected S&P, Vols #21

    Nowhere to go but up!
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    Comments from Arkansas coach Mike Anderson

    Vols are inhumane for scoring over 100 points.
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    Where are all the posters who complained when Dave Hart hired Rick Barnes as our basketball coach?

    They're all on the football boards complaining about the Jim Chaney hire.
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    UT "self reports" NCAA violations

    Fulmer needs to stop coaching and invite potential recruits to his house for a barbeque.
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    Jennings Returns !

    I don't know why this was even a question.
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    (Rumor) Chaney reached out to Hurts

    We haven't had a good OL since before Enron.
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    Pruitt says Chaney plays chess and not checkers

    I played that with my sister when we were 7-8 years old. She cheated to try to win the game. That told me everything I needed to know about her from then on. There are times I wished she ended up like Fox Mulder's sister when they played.
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    Pruitt says Chaney plays chess and not checkers

    Didn't Chaney try using 12 pieces against LSU under Dooley?

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