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  1. Lefteye

    Revised Rivals basketball...#2 w/ 2 5 stars

    At least you can own a mistake. Sarcasm
  2. Lefteye

    '20 TN SG Keon Johnson (Tennessee commit 8.6.19)

    Good gracious that squad would be nasty. Bench wouldn't be bad either. Gaines, Pember, Bailey, Kent
  3. Lefteye

    Sports Illustrated on Josiah James

    lmao yes I believe I might have been. appreciate the correction
  4. Lefteye

    Sports Illustrated on Josiah James

    I’m hoping coach English can help our backcourt more than has been discussed so far.. What I remember about him as a player(yeah I’m showing my age) is a great effort player with great IQ and less than great athleticism, but a really good player. I’m hoping like crazy he can infect guys like JJ...
  5. Lefteye

    Donnie Tyndall hired as head coach

    Agree. Worst vetting job in history. He can coach, but 2 phone calls and a google search should have equaled unhireable
  6. Lefteye

    JRich to the 76ers

    Had to rewind #8 to make sure he was fouled by CJ Watson. One ex Vol making way for another, just fouled him as he went by. Haha
  7. Lefteye

    The Kerry Blackshear Thread

    The whole last 5 pages need to be saved!! Lol How quickly fickle fans forget.. Feels like 2 years ago
  8. Lefteye

    The Kerry Blackshear Thread

    Sucks for sure... Still rather see him in Gainesville than Lexington.
  9. Lefteye

    The Kerry Blackshear Thread

    Hysterical!!... would love to land him but the mind f@*% that his 2nd recruitment is bringing is just awesome to watch..
  10. Lefteye

    '20 TN SG Keon Johnson (Tennessee commit 8.6.19)

    No doubt. I’d be hurt too. Hard to imagine it right now tho. Imo He would be a perfect fit for what UT has going right now. And coming off a 30 win year shouldn’t be a hard sell. If we weren’t going against a similar coach and style with a team coming off a national championship.
  11. Lefteye

    '20 TN SG Keon Johnson (Tennessee commit 8.6.19)

    Hate going against Tony Bennett for a recruit like Keon.. hope he believes in what Barnes is doing. If he does, with the pride his video seems to indicate he takes on defense, and the offense that can improve, Gbo. should be a no brainer. Here’s hoping He’d be a hometown VFL for life.
  12. Lefteye

    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Ive been hyping Burns since midway through last season. He had good potential even being a little overweight coming out of high school. And I think if he is indeed the guy leaving, dude will have a solid college career somewhere. But if he’s had discipline issues curfew, showing up late, failed...
  13. Lefteye

    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    No doubt!! Blue collar guys have no business at blue blood schools. lol He would be a perfect plug and play in GWs role tho.
  14. Lefteye

    '20 TN SG Matthew Murrell

    This is interesting.. according to wiki he didn’t have any college coaching experience, but he did have plenty of NBA experience which would be his biggest worth as an assistant on the college level. Imo It being so early in big Sam’s time there kinda leads me to believe he might have been...
  15. Lefteye

    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    Good post. Burns and Kent are the X factors. Imo Also looking forward to seeing what kind of numbers a healthy Turner with more minutes can put up.
  16. Lefteye

    Uros Plavsic commits to Tennessee

    If it’s not mentioned in this thread, good call on this one.
  17. Lefteye

    '20 FL SF Corey Walker (Committed 3/3/2019)

    Agree. Seems like Barnes is building something with Hargrave too.
  18. Lefteye

    Zach Kent has been...

    He shoots it well from thefree throw line and to this point has been needed more for interior defense and rebounding. Hopefully being freed up a little bit in the offense and a little confidence after seeing a few go down will help with that.
  19. Lefteye

    ‘20 NC PG Jalen Cone

    This feels like a case where Barnes honesty about what you said here may have hurt us with Cone. With a child to support he may feel like he doesn’t have the luxury of waiting his turn to make things happen for himself and his family. On the bright side that same honesty from CRB should help...

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