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  1. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Depth chart/lineup

    "That guy"
  2. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Saints signed Colton Jumper

    So you're saying the Falcons run game against the Saints has a chance? Just joking, happy for Jumper. Congrats & good luck.
  3. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Can always be worse

    Closet Cock fan iyam
  4. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Would you prefer to lose in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA or win the NIT?

    Would you rather be Miss Universe or Dumplin? Sweet 16.
  5. BigOrangeLoyalist

    My Mancave

    That's not a mancave. That is a fully equipped man guest house. Impressive.
  6. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Butch Jones...this a awesome!

    Sounds like Butch had a good offense for once.
  7. BigOrangeLoyalist

    the unknown

    Too early to tell, and too soon for 9 wins. Coaching staff is in place and talent is improving, but not a ton will be first or second year contributors. Reading practice reports, still a lot of deficiencies. RBs not healthy, throws hitting the ground, not a ton of depth on the lines. I'm being...
  8. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Iowa or Cincinnati.. who do we want?

    I think Colgate wanted Iowa.
  9. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Cool picture I found

    May have been Eli Wolf's locker... so technically he's right.
  10. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Question about the 2019 DL

    DL is very concerning, but hopefully the LBs can step up big. Our secondary should be pretty solid though.
  11. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Coach Pruitt has delivered

    Assuming our product on the field improves this season to 7-8 wins, plus the additions of Chaney and Tee, we should be in for a very big recruiting class for next year; probably around 4th in the SEC.
  12. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Coach Kelly Likely To Take Maryland DC position

    Can't knock Kelly for possibly taking this opportunity. Also good to see that minus Kelly (vertical move), we haven't had any staff attrition/firing.
  13. BigOrangeLoyalist

    '19 CA LB Henry To'oto'o (Tennessee Signee)

    Helps that Nidermeyer apparently speaks To'oto'otian
  14. BigOrangeLoyalist

    Jalen Hurts

    The best thing Hurts could do, imo, is go to Florida. Hate to say it, but Mullen would work wonders with him, and I would consider them an immediate NC contender if he went there. Plus, it would only help him moving forward...
  15. BigOrangeLoyalist

    *****2019 Early Signing Day Thread, updated as the commits sign

    16th really isn't bad coming off a 5-7 season, and we are still a heavy lean on some of the non-early signing recruits. We should land 4* RB Gray (Grey?) tomorrow and that'll also give us a boost. I know it may not be there with UGA and UA, but if the coaches can develop the players it will...
  16. BigOrangeLoyalist

    *****2019 Early Signing Day Thread, updated as the commits sign

    Should we add Darnell Wright and QC to the list of possibles? Edit: Orrrr are they not ESD guys?
  17. BigOrangeLoyalist

    *****2019 Early Signing Day on VolNation

    Wright, Crouch, Gray, Lampley, and S Williams will bump us back up ;). Patience.
  18. BigOrangeLoyalist

    *****2019 Early Signing Day on VolNation

    @Freak . . . That auto-refresh wheel at the bottom of the last post would be handy on a thread like this ;)

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