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    Interesting over/under of Vols vs GSU

    I am thinking that under is the better bet ... cause I expect Pruitt to play a ton of people (I think 3 TN was see the field) and that WILL keep the score lower.
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    '20 IL S Antonio Johnson

    Yes, he does have what the staff is looking for .... and i believe he is Rakim Jarrett's teammate... so there is that, too.
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    Elijah Simmons: The Junkyard Dog

    Roll with it ... like the song says, Meaner than a junk yard dog ...
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    Friendly MSU bulldog looking to attend UT game with wife

    You got lots of good advice already. So I'll try to compliment what you have. Brazilian steak house for Friday lunch. It will be 2 hours of pick you favorite meat. Pigeon Forge has lots to do ... the Fly away is pretty cool, Alpine Coaster is really cool, Go cart riding and wrecking, etc .. so...
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    '20 UT ILB Noah Sewell

    John Wayne... wow. Now, back to Noah....
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk

    My family has 3. All are V6 and 2 wheel drive. Next purchase will be another highlander. None of them are plain janes.
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    SweetasSoda so easy to please... only takes a grilled hamburger. And Bassmaster needs bacon ... so whose gonna invite them to opening day tail gate party. Waiting ... we're waiting ... 😁love
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    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington

    Not all committs are =. H King when he committs... it WILL be done. Hence, the delay. Jarrett ... that one will go till the ink is dry. jmo.
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    Be TRUTHFUL...Pruitt, Saban, or Frost

    First off ... None of them are coming here ... Saban, Dabo, or Frost. Second, if I am taking the SHORT view it would be Dabo then Saban. Third if I was taking the LONG view it would be Dabo and then .... hmmmm. But so we are clear ... I pick stocks that are legitimate up and comers.... MongoDB...
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    “Locked up” roster as of now?

    What is the roster limit. Can we fit Elijah Simmons as a walkon in BB since he has a scholarship infootball?
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    In the last 24Hours

    I did read the article ... it is talking about positive FANTASIES... that cannot be extrapolated to positive THINKING. Those are two different mind sets. Furthermore, I have a daughter in college and I can say for a fact that she shows more depression symptoms later in school than at the...
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    What would you do If you were the AD hiring a women's basketball Coach.

    I say call Coach Jumper.😁😁😁😁😁
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    Pick'em - Auburn

    2-1 double the pleasure, double the fun.. so mark me as double down so I can double up.
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    are fans pulling against UT so Holly is fired?

    Okay ... I will own it. I have not looked at ANY on the Lady Vols games, box scores, or listened to them on radio. Oh and so there is no misunderstanding... I bleed ORANGE! I did take the girls AND 15 points against MsSt. Sad day when I need 15 points. What I would like .. is for Phil to call...
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    Anthony Jordan (head official vs LSU)

    We all have bias. It is better ... if we can recognize them and own them. Sometimes that is hard. It can be hard to see and accept them in ourselves. It's a hard truth. We learn and we move forward. AJ is learning that as we speak (deletion of the picture is not an admission of guilt ... it is a...
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    Anthony Jordan (head official vs LSU)

    I have already notified Mark and Sylvia... as I am sure many others have ... now, we wait.
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    Chances of getting Jauan Jennings autograph

    Or give a shout out to Atlanta Vol... I bet he can get you in the right place at the right time.
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    Does anyone remember when Ernie shot Bernie's free throws at Rupp?

    We need to get Mike Jackson in here to tell his story about the KY player who bit him in a scrum on the floor. I still remember the enforcer dealing out payback and 'recommeding' he not bite any more TN players. There was a lot of blood. 😂😂😂😂😂
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    '19 CA LB Henry To'oto'o (Tennessee Signee)

    Wrong. Henry T ... he is reminding the other team what the T in UT is all about.
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    I am going with... Bang The Drum Slowly ties with Natural ... and Then Bull Durham.

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