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  1. OrangeMound

    '20 TN DE/LB Tyler Baron

    Him and Hardy goin Fishing this weekend.
  2. OrangeMound

    '20 FL OL Richie Leonard (Florida commit)

    Hope he got enough Orange Solo cups 😏
  3. OrangeMound

    Pruitt making BOLD predictions

    Psh,,, let’s focus on beating Vanderbilt first, before you take on the World.....
  4. OrangeMound

    For all you think we may get 6 wins or less....

    Based on this past season let’s see how player development is going on the o-line. This season is based on Will Friend’s ability to coach these guys. He has the young men he needs to succeed but I question him has a an O-line coach to develop their talents to take us to the next level. I’m not...
  5. OrangeMound

    Tennessee 24-7

  6. OrangeMound

    Comment on 2019 PWOs

    Is there a limit to the amount of PWO’s that a team can maintain on a roster? We have to be to 15 or so now. Also, do PWO’s get trimmed down after Spring/Fall practices?
  7. OrangeMound

    Some details of Tee's contract released

    Friend’s gonna need to earn that money this year, no excuses.
  8. OrangeMound

    Dan Enos to Miami as OC

    Chaney is a successful OC. Enos is an unproven positions coach. No brainer
  9. OrangeMound

    Drew Richmond and Eli Wolf enter transfer portal

    Good Luck Fellas, GBO!
  10. OrangeMound

    Jarrett Guarantano will not stop. Already preparing for next season

    I’d be practicing too with QB competition coming in the Spring. JT is coming for him!
  11. OrangeMound

    Use a photo to describe Vols coaching search...

    Kinda sums up the program too....
  12. OrangeMound

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee vs Alabama

    Bama 63 TENN 6 Rushing Yards: 67
  13. OrangeMound

    Uber after night game at Neyland

    We always Uber after the game. Walk down to Calhoun’s and get some drinks. It will take about an hour.
  14. OrangeMound

    Tennessee football: A couple of Vols snubbed from preseason All-SEC honors

    0-8 in the SEC, no one deserves to make it. It's Team game.
  15. OrangeMound

    Am I the only one that thinks we can beat Georgia?

    Yes.... And delusional. It will not be 41-0, but we have no chance to win that game.
  16. OrangeMound

    Insane Opportunity in 2019...

  17. OrangeMound

    According to Hubbs, Currie on West Coast

    Partying in West Hollywood

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