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    Coach Kellie responds to Geno's comment.

    Are you kidding me? WTF is a UConn fan on a Tenn fan forum???? Get a damn life!!!
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    ND coach. MUFFET

    Ahhhh. Anecdotal comparisons. So reliable. Socialization starts at day one. Relying on the world of chess is acceptable, whilst denying the field of neuroscience.
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    ND coach. MUFFET

    So why so sure I wonder? Neuroscience has long held the equal ability for reason, analysis and understanding between men and women. If your trying to skew the intended meaning to avoid accepting or disputing the underlying point, then yes, neuroscience currently is actively exploring the...
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    ND coach. MUFFET

    hmmmm. Given that neuroscience has taught us that the potential of men and women are essentially equal, then the disparity of appropriate candidates available to coach is likely due to the ongoing blind attachment to our patriarchy. Until we actively attempt to level the playing field, not...
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    Eva Westbrook's comment on facebook

    Yes, that is exactly correct
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    Which Women's Coaches Would Jump

    Maybe someone should look for some dirt on Holly. By her own statements, she is so unplugged, that someone would have to find it painted in a cave somewhere.
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    Game Thread: Lady Vols versus Mizzou

    Tennessee men may be losing, but they have some hotties! Why have I not been watching them instead of the ladies?
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    Holly Warlick presser vs. Mississippi State 2018 ... its DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN

    But she doesn’t. She has said herself she has essentially cut herself off from any outside influence. She doesn’t know what’s going on unless an opposing coach texts her well wishes. No wonder the wheels are spinning in the mud. Good Lord, at least ask for help.
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    Shea Ralph Talks The Losing Streak

    Hmmm, Becky Hammon. She might be what they need. She’s got a surly look to her that might be the closest thing Tenn could get to Pat’s Starr.
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    Lady Vols are BACK!!!

    All muffet did was pack the zone tight to cut off driving lanes. The classic beat Holly Schematic. Then because Holly refuses to change/is utterly incompetent and unable to change her game plan, it turned into stand around the 3 point line and passing the ball around. I thought with one of...
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    R.Davis / MeMe !

    Interesting point. But, according to Holly these kids were an amazing group of self-motivated STUDENTS getting in the gym on their own this summer. Maybe, she oughta teach them.
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    R.Davis / MeMe !

    This Circuitous talking is nonsense Shoulda pulled the starters earlier so they had an ounce of discipline. Holly is the bath water, the players are the baby Holly’s vision has been idiocy. Every year: we are gonna get up in your face and press. Seriously? Works in preseason only...
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    R.Davis / MeMe !

    But, had she had leadership instilling accountability and demanding excellence perhaps she’d not be in the funk now. How you ask: 1) multifaceted: using the other tools you’ve been taught to not be so reliant on ur 3 ball 2) discipline. Improved performance by virtue of appropriate...
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    R.Davis / MeMe !

    Hmmmm, maybe Meme wouldn’t be such a no-show for the last month if she was more disciplined. When she was jacking up 3s and making them posters here were all buying her stock and writing her free passes. I believe I suggested then she be held accountable for her mistakes, and I was staunchly...
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    The Regular Official Lady Vol basketball Thread.

    I know people are high on meme, but in my observation of the Texas and Stanford games, she’s a bit too high risk. Both offense and defense. She is a bit reckless in jumping her man and trying to steal the ball which compromises the already strained defense and often leads to easy points...
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    Game Thread Lady Vols vs. Stanford

    They made wide open 3s!!! Why so many wide open 3s??? Seems to me that if you defend the three from the get-go Stanford wouldn’t get so comfortable that they could start throwing up circus 3’s and make them. Ball hawking defense is not gonna cut it against the well coached, high IQ Stanford...
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    Game Thread Lady Vols vs. Stanford

    Can someone please tell me why the lady vol defense is so terrible? They preach defense and rebounding, they recruit athletes obviously rather than shooters, so seriously, why is it the Cardinal is able to run thru them like water thru a strainer?
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    Holly Says 1-7 Stetson is a "Good Team"

    I got home and in time for the 2nd half of the 2nd quarter. Then was busy around the house and could only kind of watch. My take of what I saw: flat would not be the term. Players seemed frenetic with surplus had energy and not flat. Maybe Rather than overplay and crowd the shorter player...

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