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    UConn back to Big East

    Are there any "low majors?"
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    I want these two!!!

    Madison Hayes...a presidential name on both ends. There's also a Moonlighting reference there too (TV show of the 1980's, played by Cybill Shepherd)
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    MiMi transferring

    Huh? Indiana State Sycamores on Yahoo! Sports - News, Scores, Standings, Rumors, Fantasy Games No Player Pos Ht Age Yr Hometown 33 Ty Battle F 6' 1"Sophomore 1VPlainfield (Oswego East)13 Alexis Delgado G 5' 7"Senior 3VPhoenix (Phoenix College)1 Janara Flowers G 5' 8"Freshman HSSouthfield...
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    The Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    The kid with cancer for Tampa Bay - it looked to me that he was shooed off the stage before the player arrived. My goodness, if the kid is a big time Buc fan, they could have at least allowed him to meet the player (guy from LSU - the name escapes me at the moment), not just announce the pick.
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    My Nightmare

    I analyze data for a living. I think I don't get paid enough. It sounds like a great opportunity.
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    UCF loses 1 million dollars after the AAF folds

    What if anything did the Vols lose because of the AAFL? Kelly named coach of AAFL Team Tennessee
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    OMG, my sister is worried about Kellies hair.

    As coaches go, I thought she looked pretty good.
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    A better read on Kellie

    At the press conference, CKJH seemed unaware that there was a recruit from Australia. Last I checked, Australians spoke English. Oooh....perhaps I misunderstood CKJH's reaction. For the record, I think it's a good hire.
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    Search For Lady Vols Basketball Coach

    I'm a more casual fan than most on this board, but I recall that there were tons of coaches who had played under or coached under Pat Summitt. Are Lawson and Harper the only ones left?
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    Tennessee in the debatable 8

    You're aware that the 142 versus 75 figures you cite are already part of the RPI? And it counts for 50%? And Penn's RPI was higher than Tennessee's? If you think RPI's weight of 50% Strength of Schedule is too low, you need to say what weight you think it should be and recompute RPI for every...
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    Tennessee in the debatable 8

    If Princeton is off the bubble, isn't Penn on the bubble now. Penn is 57 RPI; Tennessee is 60. Tennessee is not clearly better than Penn. I'll address the shortcomings of the RPI in the near future.
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    Could Former Tennessee Vol Kelly Jolly-Harper Keep The Lady Vols Out of NCAA's?

    Surely if Princeton won its conference but was on the bubble,, they expected some other team (Penn?) to win. Penn is RPI 57; Tennessee is 60.
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    1997 Championship Team can be used for motivation

    Back in 1980, Herb Brooks told the US Hockey team, "9 times out of 10 the Soviets are going to beat you. But this is your one!"
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    Chennedy Carter to miss SEC tournament

    TAMU has quite the Presidential roster: Lauren Harrison Aahliyah Jackson Ciera Johnson Shambria Washington Aaliyah Wilson Chennedy Carter
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    Will Tennessee Make The NCAA's?

    I'm assuming the top RPI in each conference wins the conference. I'm further assuming the top 36 RPI's get in. I pulled this off, so it doesn't include today's games but let's say South Dakota (37), Ohio (38), Villanova (43), Miami, OH (48), St. Mary's (52), Wyoming (54), Boise...
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    Will Tennessee Make The NCAA's?

    That Creme guy is saying UT is in it again. It does seem that he is lowering the bar so that UT gets in and thereby raising the bar for everyone else. There are quite a few teams (even from Power Conferences) ahead of Tennessee.
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    Will Tennessee Make The NCAA's?

    When I get a chance, I'll go back more years, but in the last 4 years, the best RPI to not get in was UTEP at 37 in 2016 (Is there any record of who was on probation and when?), and the worst RPI to get in with an At-Large bid was Purdue at 66 (also 2016). RealTimeRPI has them at 65 now. If...

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