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  1. Elhanan

    Butch Jones should have been given another year to turn things around. Change my mind.

    It would be nice to just now be going through the coaching search.
  2. Elhanan

    Well d**n. ESPN dun put the curse on the VOLS again..

    Does this mean ESPN still hates us?
  3. Elhanan

    Why do some of our fans love the SEC so much?

    The SEC is great because of its high level of competition. You “cheer” for the conferences strength as a fan so when you beat a team like Auburn it’s still seen as a victory for the program as a whole and not just for the season’s win/loss column. Two scenarios: 1. Every SEC team sucks but...
  4. Elhanan

    5* recruiting (debunked)

    I wonder if any star ranking service (experts, panels, whatever) adjust those ratings throughout the kids college career? It’d be neat to see how our longest developed players turned out over each coaches tenure. Then we can compare Pruitt in a few years to them.
  5. Elhanan

    Tennessee has the #2 or #3 team in the SEC

    Not even close. I want us to curb stomp every single team we play. But after a couple years on here its pretty clear a lot of people blindly pick us to win an unrealistic amount of games and then get pissed when we don’t meet their expectations. We’re rebuilding again. Things take time and it...
  6. Elhanan

    UAB ready for who wants it more game at Neyland

    Yeah I was hedging just Incase I overlooked one.
  7. Elhanan

    Tennessee has the #2 or #3 team in the SEC

    One of these days a post like this will be right. It’ll be weird how the OP will be praised but deep down we’ll all know it was just a sh!tposter, troll, or overly optimistic sunshine pumper that got lucky.
  8. Elhanan

    UAB ready for who wants it more game at Neyland

    It’s because we’ve not been “handling our business” very well against these cupcakes. Mostly wins but we play down to our opponents a lot.
  9. Elhanan

    POTS song selection

    Start playing Rocky Top at kick off and don’t stop until the games over... I want to make other teams snap even if we lose.
  10. Elhanan

    UT will be the most improved team in the SEC

    You can tell FB seasons getting close. If you think we’re going 9-3 you’ve lost your mind. I hope to the sweet Lord you’re right but i think it’ll be a shock if we even pull off 6-6.
  11. Elhanan

    Let's talk about the schedule for 2019

    I see 3 games that I’m 100% sure we can win. About 3 more we got a good shot at. While the rest feel way out of reach. 5-7. Missed another bowl season but maybe we keep it respectable enough to get a few quality recruits.
  12. Elhanan

    SEC Lifts Ban on Alcohol Sales in Stadiums

    I’m all for it. Hopefully it makes Neyland more hostile but without folks chugging a handle of Jack pregame maybe it’ll just make it more even keel... on second thought let’s just sell mixed drink and liquor. I’m more into Jack and Coke than beer anyway.
  13. Elhanan

    Anything Short of winning the East is a...............

    That That’s a pretty solid goal. Gives us something to build on for ‘20 season.
  14. Elhanan

    Anything Short of winning the East is a...............

    Y’all are nuts. Sure we could be in the mix but honestly we’re probably looking at another 5-7 type season.
  15. Elhanan

    What is the ONE thing Pruitt cannot do next year

    Pretty much and Clemson has become a more successful UT using what would have been historically our recruits.
  16. Elhanan

    What is the ONE thing Pruitt cannot do next year

    The lowest point he can hit (literally the least he can do before most fans turn) is to go 5-7, blowout losses to UGA, UF, and Bama, 0 SEC wins, and to lose a handful of players. I mean a lot of people will be ticked off but I believe he’d still get a TON of support from certain sections of the...
  17. Elhanan

    For all you think we may get 6 wins or less....

    Haven’t we had “the BEST coaching staff in America” for like the past 15 years?!?? I’ll believe in Pruitt when he proves it. Until then I’ll cheer for his success but I’m still picking him to finish below 6 wins.
  18. Elhanan

    Predicting the Predictions -- a meta-thread about Tennessee Football

    Great post OP. I think I’m in the 5-7 or 4-8 camp. The two conference wins being UK and MAYBE Vandy. I think our ceiling is 7-5 with added wins over BYU and USC if things really go our way in those games.
  19. Elhanan

    When Saban retires, what would CJP do if Bama called

    He’d tell us he’s always been a Bama guy and thanks for the resume builder. Probably yell “Roll damn Tide” as he drove out of Knoxville in his big maroon pickup. And we’d promote Jim Cheney as HC.
  20. Elhanan

    Holy Season (Happy Easter!)

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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