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    Which players will Pruitt bring to Media Days?

    I'll go with Jarrett Guarantano, Daniel Bituli, and Alontae Taylor
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    Chris Low & Rob Lewis reporting Rick Barnes will stay

    El trato con los vols vale sustancialmente más dinero.
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    UT Basketball Team Consistency

    I've enjoyed UT basketball for many years. I used to keep up with Bernard King's points while listening to John Ward on the radio as a young boy. I enjoy reading the many comments posted on this forum by people more knowledgable about basketball than myself, but rarely post. However, I...
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    '20 GA LB Tyson Meiguez (Georgia Tech commit)

    Related to our airport?
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    Do we need a new recruiting narrative if we hire Freeze?

    I agree with others about not judging him. He seems sorry for what he did, and has publicly asked for forgiveness, so I don't see a need to change the narrative. I think the narrative would have to be changed if he showed no remorse and was continuing with the same behavior.
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    Proof UT Defensive Coaches are Good......

    Thanks for posting, OP. From the article... Bryce Thompson, Tennessee – 81.8 Thompson leads all true freshmen cornerbacks in overall grade, pass-rush grade and coverage grade this season as he’s been incredibly efficient across the board. He has been sticky in coverage mainly, despite...
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    *****Official Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    UGA 38-6 211 total yards
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    Average SEC win margin was over 30 points

    So we were 55+ points worse than the average SEC team. Let's check this same statistic next week. If we aren't 55 points worse, then it will be a sign of improvement, right?
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    *****Official Pick the Score Contest: ETSU

    UT 42-7 Jordan 77 yards
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    *****Official Pick the Score Contest: West Virginia

    UT 33-31 276 Rushing yards
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    Offseason Over/Under Thread (2018 edition)

    Under 65k Over 47 Trey/Chance no Over JG 4 Jennings + Callaway TD O/U 9.5
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    Highlight of UT UK?

    Here are a few (~ 1.5 minutes): Sorry, Page Not Found | I apologize in advance if I get the formatting wrong. I haven't posted a link and couldn't find the "how to" guide when searching this site, although I remember seeing it in the past. Edit: I clicked on the "page not...
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    Dear Peyton.. another VFL classic video

    Great Story. Thanks for posting. I took out the space before the 9199 at the end at it worked.
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    *****Official Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    UT 17 UF 7 123 yards

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