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  1. LSG410EC83

    Barnes should have left for UCLA

    Woe there hoss. A majority of the fans that go to these games on a consistent basis are not the ones sitting courtside that can afford a ticket price increase. I get 6 season tickets myself (the cheap seats) and paying another 350-400 dollars will pretty much put me out. I travel the roads...
  2. LSG410EC83

    Rick Barnes gets emotional

    What a video.. We have one class act of a coach. Touching to see the love he has for these young men and how he went to each senior and gave a hug. Thank you to the seniors along with the rest of the team for giving us some of the most exciting basketball in the history of UT basketball. Hate...
  3. LSG410EC83

    What makes Tennessee so special?

    Lived here all but 3 (the 3 after college and then moved back) years of my 58 years of life. Aint nothing like those beautiful mountains of Northeast Tennessee. Always ready to go on vacation, but upon arriving back home, the same remark has come out of my mouth, "We live in the most beautiful...
  4. LSG410EC83

    Welcome To Nashville South Lexington KY

    I believe that means that most Cantnucky fans full time job is traveling with the team, whereas UT fans contribute something to society through working a full time job.
  5. LSG410EC83

    The Official #4 Tennessee @ Auburn Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I tend to remember a time when we thought success was a 20 win season and getting into the tourney a 50/50 chance. This team has been on the most part a joy to watch. The loss is as upsetting to me as the next, but, its a loss, lets get over it, and play the season out. Proud of my Vols...
  6. LSG410EC83

    Pack TBA Tuesday night

    Just now found out, the ticket is available.
  7. LSG410EC83

    I’m a Gator fan this week

    We need to win out and let the cards fall where they may. This team would be best to not even know the outcome of the games concerning LSU and Kentucky. Miss. State first, then Auburn-that is it. Play like they did against the Cats, there should be no worries.
  8. LSG410EC83

    Pack TBA Tuesday night

    Section 313, Row 2, seat 14 Located almost directly behind goal on visitors end of the court. My crotch in seat 9 is right in the middle of the goal.
  9. LSG410EC83

    Pack TBA Tuesday night

    If the guy hasn't found anyone to go will hold for you until you find out yay or nay. As of this past Thursday, it looked like the one guy wasn't going
  10. LSG410EC83

    Pack TBA Tuesday night

    Yep. I had sold my extra and one of them may not get to go. Asking 20 for it. What they are asking at the ticket office by the time you pay their fee. Good seats.
  11. LSG410EC83

    Pack TBA Tuesday night

    There may be I will have one. Will know tomorrow. Will drop you a message on here if I do.
  12. LSG410EC83

    1 ticket UT vs. Kentucky

    Yeah, really sorry about that. If I am not mistaken, don't you come from Dublin or Radford Va. Just so happens I lived in Dublin from 1984-87. Was manager at Southern States in Pulaski, Va. Moved back home to Kingsport, Tenn. to help take care of a grandfather with altzheimers.(spelling...
  13. LSG410EC83

    1 ticket UT vs. Kentucky

    Sorry about not posting that they were sold. Internet here at the motel is hit and miss and I have a flip phone. Thanks for your responses. Didn't get access til got back from the game.
  14. LSG410EC83

    1 ticket UT vs. Kentucky

    Have 1 ticket Section 313 row 2. Make a reasonable offer. Not going to give it away, will let my jackets sit in the seat before doing that. Staying in Sevierville for weekend and can meet if interested this afternoon or early in the morning. Offer on here or Text 423-534-9523 and will call...
  15. LSG410EC83

    Derrick Walker

    Many on here tend give Fulky a lot more grief than he deserves. I sit at the games between 2 people with extreme views. One hates the sight of him going in while the other thinks all is fine, Fulky to the rescue. I for one don't cringe when he goes in. NO he is far from a starter, but I am...
  16. LSG410EC83

    The Official #1 Tennessee @ Texas A&M Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Somebody just shot Pons from the grassy knoll.
  17. LSG410EC83

    Orange Out Saturday WVU

    The curse is broken. I actually wore a white and orange dress shirt with an orange tshirt on underneath. When we got down at first, my son gave me one of those looks like WHY. We then pulled ahead and I just kept pointing to it. lol Good to see Admiral coming out of the slump a little.
  18. LSG410EC83

    Orange Out Saturday WVU

    Hopefully it will be a good blowout so you can keep calm and not take a chance of hurting it. I felt like I about blew a disc in my back during the end of the Vandy game. Praying for a speedy recovery for you. May be facing the same surgery in the near future.

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