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    Westbrook Comits to UCONN

    Why can she just not leave instead of being tacky about it on social media? Her boyfriend retweeting the slur makes me think a little less of him, also. I would have wished her well if she had went to any other program not named UConn and possibly South Carolina. Also, why couldn't she stick...
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    Tennessee @ Kentucky Game 2 Thread - 6:30

    Wow at the difference in pitch count.
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    Tennessee @ Kentucky Game 1 Thread - 6:30

    Well, that was a little extra drama.
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    Barnes said he would be at UCLA if buyout was paid

    Just my 2 cents. After listening to the whole presser and not just the bits and pieces reporters are quoting, I understand what Coach Barnes is saying about the buyout. I don't understand why everyone is ready to run him out of town. When making a tough decision between two opportunities...
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    Barnes/English Press Conference Video

    I don't know why everyone is losing their mind over what Coach Barnes had to say. I know exactly what he is talking about. You look for a sign to make a decision one way or other on two opportunities you have. This buyout thing was his sign he needed to stay here.
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    Barnes/English Press Conference Video

    Coach English seems to be a sharp guy and smart coach.
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    OMG, my sister is worried about Kellies hair.

    If I am not mistaken, I believe that hire was made by Bahama John Currie.
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    Kellie Harper on the Paul Finebaum show today...

    I am just amazed at how similar their facial features are in this picture.
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    Just pay the Baylor coach whatever it takes

    This can't be real. I will lose my mind if I find out this was possible.
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    3 players transferring from SC

    That is what I am afraid is going on. We could have 3 headed that way.
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    Press Conference?

    I thought something was off with Phillip. He is usually more prepared and a better speaker than he was today.
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    Westbrook Gone

    Which one?
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    Russell Smith reporting Kellie Jolly-Harper has been hired

    Are you guys hearing it is a done deal?
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    Russell Smith reporting Kellie Jolly-Harper has been hired

    I think some people might be upset with the KJH hire because this may be a culture change that I fully believe is needed.
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    Russell Smith reporting Kellie Jolly-Harper has been hired

    The same people telling us how bad this hire is are the same ones that are pushing for Melanie Balcolm. I would take KJH any day of the week over someone that got fired from VANDERBILT. I could not stand her there and sure could not tolerate her here.
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    Russell Smith reporting Kellie Jolly-Harper has been hired

    I am tired of reading about Melanie Balcomb. She must have family on here.
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    Rick Barnes has emerged as a serious candidate the for UCLA job, reportedly has interviewed

    I think she is a UT Grad, but lives in Cali. Her husband is beat writer for USC.

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