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  1. Vol in Mich

    Is Debord a place holder for Manning?

    Good grief, let it go man. Manning is not a coach. I hope he never comes here to coach, I want someone who can beat Florida.
  2. Vol in Mich

    Vols to Play ETSU in 2018

    This should really help strength of schedule.
  3. Vol in Mich

    Coach Doug Mathews Thoughts on OC

    That thought crossed my mind.
  4. Vol in Mich says expectations for Tennessee should be tempered for 2015

    I kind of agree. I think 2016 is the year the Vols make a legitimate run at the East title. I expect (hope for) 7 or 8 wins this year plus the bowl.
  5. Vol in Mich

    Who do you want as president for 2016?

    He wouldn't win Florida.
  6. Vol in Mich

    Snow lover or hater?

    I hate it. I live in Michigan, we got 93" in Jan.
  7. Vol in Mich

    Seatle knew the Broncos plays?

    Game was over after the first play. You could feel it.
  8. Vol in Mich

    Do we lose any commits come signing day

    Always lose a couple & maybe gain a couple.
  9. Vol in Mich

    recruiting celebrations

    Recruiting Party? Sounds like a good excuse to get drunk to me. I'm in.
  10. Vol in Mich

    Gray football uniforms for UK

    May shrink when washed.
  11. Vol in Mich

    Voter ID Law Struck Down in PA

    Have to show a photo I.D. to sell a few pounds of scrap metal but not to vote for the President of the U.S.A. Makes sense to me. :confused:
  12. Vol in Mich

    Derek Mason hired at Vandy

    Who will play in a bowl this year? Vols Vandy Both Neither What do you honestly think!
  13. Vol in Mich

    Who do you think will replace Franklin at Vanderbilt?

    Has anyone thought about Jim Tressel (sp?) for the Vandy job? He's a heck of a coach & needs a job. I don't know the details about his 5 year show cause, but the NCAA should cut him some slack for the Vandy job & with his sweater vest & professor glasses he should fit right in at Vandy. What you...
  14. Vol in Mich

    East Tennessee Weather

    Minus 40 wind chill & over 24" of snow on the ground this morning. Sometimes I really miss Chattanooga. Stay warm Vol fans!
  15. Vol in Mich

    C'Mon man: Texas' Smokey? WTH?

    I can understand the mistake if Smokey had on orange & white. Everybody knows that the Vol's colors are grey & grey.
  16. Vol in Mich

    Who Wants To Fire Butch?

    Anyone who wants Butch fired, remember one thing, NOBODY ELSE WANTS THE DAMN JOB! Get real people!
  17. Vol in Mich

    IF we lose to KY...

    The next moron who mentions Gruden as coach of the Vols need to be committed to Moccasin Bend.
  18. Vol in Mich

    Buying out of the Oklahoma game

    What planet are you from?
  19. Vol in Mich

    TN favored at KY

    Maybe we have a wide receiver who played some QB in high school that Butch can play. It worked for KY a couple of years ago. Try something!

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