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    '20 GA ATH Jimmy Calloway (UT Commit 4.13.19)

    But being the 84th rated player in the state should be thrilling to all the GA HS worshippers.
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    '20 GA ATH Jimmy Calloway (UT Commit 4.13.19)

    Remember Coach Pruitt lamenting the small players on Tennessee's sideline. He was going to change that. Now a 5'11" 166 lb player. B.S.
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    Poll: If Barnes Leaves...

    He left Texas because they fired him.
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    Pruitt optimistic that Solomon and Gibbs will be eligible 2019

    John Adam is not so bad, if not him who?
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    Greatest ambassadors for UT

    throw in a tantrum because Peyton Manning was getting more press than him, and Reggie played the race card.
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    Greatest ambassadors for UT

    Reggie White was a great player, not so much an ambassador for UT. He often was very critical of the university claiming Racial prejudice. Very often
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    Admiral also mentioning Barnes and how he handles officials

    Nope think again. Edwards was purposely kicking his leg out to create space , making his shot unblockable. The refereee was well aware of that, and edwards shot was not affected, a really poor call
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk

    Looking at 2020 I think we have a real shot at a top 5 finish.
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    Guarantano learning what Osovet specializes in

    Don't give one hoot what Greg Mc has to say
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    How much football experience do you have?

    why does it make a difference?
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    Colgate --- Take a Look

    Feed their cheerleaders good
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    Football revenue question

    Surprised to see UCLA so far down, at least Tennessee football finished in the top 10 in something.
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    2019 Recruiting Class Rankings

    With only 3 recruits and 9th in the nation, not to shabby
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    Could Former Tennessee Vol Kelly Jolly-Harper Keep The Lady Vols Out of NCAA's?

    or J. Majors or P. Fulme,r not saying ms. Jolly Harper should be the coach, but being a former player.....
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    '20 TN OL/DL Bryn Tucker

    Wish the young man luck, it's good to see other parts of our great country.
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    Rush Propst fired

    Don't really care
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    Sankey should be embarrassed

    When asked why would the refs cheat for bama, I can only reply $$$$$$$$. SEC loses millions when bama doesn't go to the championship game. I have always thought it comes straight from the SEC commish office.
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    '20 TN CB De'Arre Mcdonald

    Give me a list of Gawga TEs better than Jason Whitten.
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    '20 TN CB De'Arre Mcdonald

    H Walker was better than any running back from many states, whats up with your fanatsy with his jock strap?

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