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    4 Upper east sideline tickets face value.

    I have 4 2019 Season Football tickets in section EE row 8 on 25 yardline. I just bought house and covered donation but tight on budget and trying to sell season tickets at face value. This season there will be 8 games which should be $1050.00 a pair. I also have a pair in AA row 1 for $1250.00...
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    Pruitt optimistic that Solomon and Gibbs will be eligible 2019

    Sec Mike reporting on Twitter This should make Tennessee feel optimistic that Aubrey Solomon and Deangelo Gibbs will be made eligible immediately in 2019.
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    Jay Graham

    Altogether probably best in the country and even better than Bama. Bama is an easy sell for any coach with their record.
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    Jay Graham

    I think Weinke will be a great QB coach... remember he won Heisman and went to a few BCS back in the day and was a pro QB. I think Weinke was bored as RB coach and can excel as QB coach. That could get his mojo back and recruit well at IMG.
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    Jay Graham

    Hearing some rumors on TOS that David Johnson is leaving and we are getting Jay Graham. Just curious if anyone else has heard anything about this rumor?
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    Morris, Wright and Crouch

    I have been trying to tell idiots on VQ that but it’s like talking to a brick wall.
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    South Carolina Signee Says Gamecocks will “Bury” No. 1 Vols

    South Carolina Signee Says Gamecocks will "Bury" No. 1 Vols | RTI
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    Retire VolCalls

    I use to watch coaches show, listen to Vol calls and buy the New Sentinel , but is not what it use to be for me.
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    How to cheer guide

    Probably some UK idiot thinking it was humorous.
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    How Fulmer aims to solve falling football attendance

    Not bad attendance considering..........
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    Vol Brother Needs Encouragement

    I will keep him in my prayers.
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    Travis Henry’s National Championship Ring

    Hard to feel sorry for a person that made 10x what I will make in a lifetime. At one time his child support was nearly 175k a year ... almost 100k more than my wife and I at a modest 85k a year.
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    Targeting, Overtime Rule Changes

    I think about 35 because that would be a 52 yard FG if team can’t get a 1st down.
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    Alabama sort of got screwed with the traveling call

    We got screwed getting Butch in Football... your point?
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    Neyland Renovation

    Rather invest in a good coaching staff 1st. I hope we can get Tee. I would sacrifice 5 years of non renovating to have Tee and Pittman.
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    Do You Approve of Chaney Hire?

    Yes! Great hire. Now let’s get Tee.
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    Just left the orange bowl

    That’s why most Bama rbs are garbage in NFL. Bama’s line makes them look better than what they are and they expect same dominating line in NFL which doesn’t always happen.
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    So, about that OC position.... (Merged)

    Definitely a gold digger with that lard butt.

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