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  1. LouderVol

    Official Gramps' Memorial Politics Forum Eternal OT Thread

    A win is a win
  2. LouderVol

    Mueller Report Imminent

  3. LouderVol

    One Fly...All Fly...FOOTBALL STYLE...

    need it as a gif
  4. LouderVol

    That's racist!

    R Kelly.
  5. LouderVol

    Wendy's basketball discussion thread

    better than me. I had Maquette and Seton Hall as well. But also yale, and St. marys, and Louisville. Louisville is the only one that really hurt.
  6. LouderVol

    Funny/Strange News Stories

    Bacon seeds
  7. LouderVol

    '20 GA OL Tate Ratledge

    Cornbread or biscuits.
  8. LouderVol

    Mueller Report Imminent

    as to the subject, I can't wait to see what comes out.
  9. LouderVol

    Mueller Report Imminent

    I like the match up if we get them.
  10. LouderVol

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  11. LouderVol

    The official thread where everyone tries to catch up to Joe, and Windy keeps track of who posts on the even K's

    got to cut out at work around 3, try to catch the second half of our game
  12. LouderVol

    '19 GA S Aaron Beasley (Tennessee signee)

    2008 for defense, not sure about offense.
  13. LouderVol

    Florida Man personifies all that is wrong with the state
  14. LouderVol

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    give the class several examples of her being intelligent in office.
  15. LouderVol

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    what? Normally Ash you post good stuff but this is far off the deep end. She doesn't even know how her own bs works, yet alone anyone else's.
  16. LouderVol

    Pivot East

    what reason does China have to be interested in the Panama Canal and possibly digging another? International/global trade is just that. The US can't have global trade sans-S.China Sea, its either global or it isn't. China is the one over there shutting off trading and fishing, and shooting...
  17. LouderVol

    China Thread

  18. LouderVol

    Ron Paul on Crimea

    America in the 60s "got to stop North Vietnam"
  19. LouderVol

    NCAA Tournament Thread

    a lot of teams just come out of there overrated just due to where they play.

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