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    How do you rate Coach Pruitt...

    A, will be A+ after this year. I keep saying it and haven’t said it since Kiffen. Pruitt is a real deal big league football coach! We will see improvement this year, we will see the most improvement year four when it’s a full team of Pruitts recruited players!
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    Gator fans smell like **** thread

    Y’all suck and smell and we don’t want you in Neyland. We got the better coach by far, and this certainly will be proven. Pruitt would’ve finished top 5 at UF last year, but he would never accept a job where he would have to put his family in a horrible situation like....Gainesville
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    Pruitt Press Conference: Spring practice #3

    A lot of people don’t realize you need some sort of line to be a productive QB.( especially in the SEC!) I believe that Is improving, just like JG every year. I think the best thing Pruitt did this offseason was bring on JC as OC, Tee will definitely be a big help in multiple ways as well. (very...
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    Gator fans smell like **** thread

    You all finished the season super overrated. A complete add whooping to Ky, should have lost to Vandy... but ya y’all are sure a top ten program lol
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    Currie back as an AD

    I agree With everything, but maybe there looking at the fact that Mike Leach was about to be who he ended up with. (Who I’m a fan of) Do you think Mike Leach would want to ever go there??
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    Gator fans smell like **** thread

    Wasn’t counting this year. Next four of five=win
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    Gator fans smell like **** thread

    I believe In Pruitt way more then Mullen, Mullen had it WAY easier his first year. Pruitt is now getting his players and will out coach Mullen 80% of the next 5 years
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    Gator fans smell like **** thread

    Tennessee will win four out of the next five games they play. (This comment will definitely age better)
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    Defensive Line Replacements Have Potential..

    I think LB can be surprisingly good...
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    Bama support staffer headed to Tennessee

    He’s gonna be an incredible coach for us. He definitely knows football. It’s hard for me to believe that people who know football would actually doubt what they’re seeing. But her, that’s there opinion. Pruitt might finish as the best coach in UT History (bold prediction)
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    Five reasons Vols will have top 5 2020 recruiting class

    Great post. That’s cool to know, I hope those 2 guys will be eligible this year!
  12. P sportswriter Creg Stephenson projects future coach in 2026

    This makes me sick. Hopefully Pruitt will pull a Jeff Brohm on them and fall in love with us.
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    Five reasons Vols will have top 5 2020 recruiting class

    I bet We shock the hell out of everyone and finish in the top 2 if not number 1. Call me crazy, that’s my bold prediction for next year!
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    '19 NC RB Quavaris Crouch (Tennessee signee)

    Oh ok, I always wondered about that. Thanks
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    '19 NC RB Quavaris Crouch (Tennessee signee)

    Rick Clausen wore it after Peyton...
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    Derrick Ansley is new UT DC

    No... it’s definitely Pruitts D. Ansley might get to call plays but if Pruitt sees Anything he doesn’t like he will change it with no second thought. It’s Pruitts D...
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    Derrick Ansley Hired as New DB Coach

    Number one staff in the nation, including (and I’ve said this since we’ve hired him and people think I’m bat **** crazy cause of it) the NUMBER one up and coming Head Coach in the country, hands down.
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    #9 on 247

    Is this a joke? Tell me your kidding.
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    *****VolNation Official Signing Day Thread 2019

    That would be a GREAT finish all said and done, and definitely Pruitt living up to his word. Only thing that went bad today is how successful the gators were. I feel Like we could’ve snatched Bogle if we wanted. Maybe he rubbed Pruitt the wrong way.

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