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  1. LittleVol

    '19 GA S Aaron Beasley (Tennessee signee)

    I'm not sure he outweighs him by that much. Beasley is easily 215. Roman is relatively lean and probably no more than 235
  2. LittleVol

    '20 TN DE/LB Tyler Baron

    This kid is kind of a "tweener" He's not a 3-4 DE....or a 3-4 LB. Not real explosive for a 4-3 SDE. - He's athletic - Good frame - Long Arms I think he's a 4-3 SDE that can work hard to get more explosive. He can be SDE or DT in the nickel to rush the passer, but not in a standard 4-2-5 that...
  3. LittleVol

    '19 GA S Aaron Beasley (Tennessee signee)

    A long time. For any college team. The rules make it very hard.
  4. LittleVol

    Vols Defensive Back Arrested

    There's no need for this.... Do something better with yourself.
  5. LittleVol

    '20 NC WR Mike Wyman

    Really? Why...,man? 🤓
  6. LittleVol

    '20 TN RB Tee Hodge

    Then he still has 10 more years before he is a "Man!
  7. LittleVol

    How much football experience do you have?

    I'll say this only once... I DON'T want YOUR life!
  8. LittleVol

    '20 TN RB Tee Hodge

    Future OLB...
  9. LittleVol

    Pruitt optimistic that Solomon and Gibbs will be eligible 2019

    Not answering for BOT, but the argument can be made that the institution is not suitable for those wishing to transfer. That's WHY they are transferring. A regular student can do the same without penalty. They can go right to another college the very next year and take classes if they are...
  10. LittleVol

    Pruitt optimistic that Solomon and Gibbs will be eligible 2019

    Yeah...go canes... right into that trash azz stadium of theirs. They'll never rise again. But, I AM rooting for Brandon. Because he's a Vol! Not some Lame Hurricane! #rhymz4dayz
  11. LittleVol

    '20 TN OL Cooper Mays

    Exactly! Amari Cade is AWESOME with the Cowboyz! Remember that show "Hanging with Mr. Cade"!? Love 90s nostalgia... I bet Michael Cade is still laughing from getting dunked on by MJ in the 1991 NBA Finals!😁
  12. LittleVol

    '20 DC WR Rakim Jarrett

    Higgins wanted to go to Clemson. To'oto'o wanted to go to Tennessee. Kids want to get out from what they know a lot of the times.
  13. LittleVol

    '20 TN RB Tee Hodge

    Derrick Henry had many breakaway runs. He gets faster as he runs. He had a 93 yard TD last year against the Jax Jaguars. I think of Tee Hodge like a James Wilder Jr. Could catch, pass block and run hard with amazing feet for his size and frame. He and Banks can wear down defenses together We...
  14. LittleVol

    '20 TN RB Tee Hodge

    Look at his tape. He's not that. But does it really matter if you're strong enough to drag a defender 5 yards into the endzone.? Wide base and very strong lower body is hard to tackle. He needs to be in Orange!
  15. LittleVol

    '20 TN RB Tee Hodge

    Strong physical kid with good vision. It's not always about 40 time and breakaway speed. Sometimes you need a bull that can play all 3 downs and MOST importantly, convert on 3rd and short or goal line. This person can also play special teams. Tee Hodge is exactly what we need in our backfield...
  16. LittleVol

    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    I'm guessing Texas A&M. That's my hunch....
  17. LittleVol

    '20 MD WDE Demon Clowney

  18. LittleVol

    '19 SC WR/DB Kenney Solomon (Tennessee signee)

    Yep! Both kids can flat out run. I really wish we had given Means teammate a harder look. The other WR.
  19. LittleVol

    '19 GA OLB Roman Harrison (Tennessee signee)

    Some people will have you believe we're all born with the same capacities haha. He's 235 lbs. It's conceivable for him to bench twice his weight as a freshman in college!! We're not all born equal. That's raw physical ability plus hard work. Can't weight to see Him, Peterson, Crouch and...
  20. LittleVol

    '19 SC WR/DB Kenney Solomon (Tennessee signee)

    You too DarkAvenger.! Carpe diem😎

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