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  1. ksl415

    2019 Recruiting Class Rankings

    I’m excited to see Jordan come in. I feel she will crack the starting line up. With all due respect to my favorite player on the team, Miss Westbrook, I think she will be better. No disrespect to Evina. I mean they bring different things to the court. I hope KK gets into shape for next year. We...
  2. ksl415

    M. Cornelius reporting - Aussie guard commits to Lady Vols

    Probably give a solid few mins per game. I don’t see her cracking the starting 5.
  3. ksl415

    Andy Landers !

    Team Leader = Coach
  4. ksl415

    We In!

    Tennessee Lady Vols in NCAA Tournament due to brand, not resume
  5. ksl415

    We In!

    What do you all think of us beating UCLA?
  6. ksl415

    We In!

  7. ksl415

    We In!

    Someone will be out of a job!
  8. ksl415

    Non-Lady Vol news 2018-19

    I believe Anigwe is the real deal. She will be a solid player in the pros. Her work ethic on the boards is impressive.
  9. ksl415

    2019 Recruiting Class Rankings

    Better than KK?
  10. ksl415

    SEC Women's Tournament

    :rolleyes: Draymond Green.
  11. ksl415

    Lady Vol Fans Rooting for UCONN?

    It’s against my religion! No way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.
  12. ksl415

    SEC Women's Tournament

    I’ll take Evina over Sophie any day!
  13. ksl415

    Game Thread: Lady Vols vs Miss St : ,, SEC tournament - Round II

    Great start! They better not be so happy shooting them threes! Keep em honest. Take it to the hole! Also did I just see Mrs Eva Westbrook in the game?
  14. ksl415

    Game Thread: Lady Vols vs Miss St : ,, SEC tournament - Round II

    What was that about Miss Evina Westbrook?! Carrying the team early on.
  15. ksl415

    Is this the worst Lady Vol loss ever?

    Our team is a representation of their coach. Plain and simple.
  16. ksl415

    Did we recruit Rhyne Howard?

    These high school rankings really don’t mean much.
  17. ksl415

    2019 Recruiting Class Rankings

    Looks like it was taken down. Can someone share what she said ?
  18. ksl415

    Game Thread: LADY VOLS VS. OLE MISS

    Haha.. true but he also just likes to hate on teams; GSW.
  19. ksl415

    Will Tennessee Make The NCAA's?

    I think they’ll be taking apps within the next few months.

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