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    Could Former Tennessee Vol Kelly Jolly-Harper Keep The Lady Vols Out of NCAA's?

    We need a "Pat Summit" player such as Kelly Jolly Harper as our coach. None of the others you name belong at UT period. Harper has the credentials and is a proven winner coach too.
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    Holly's Bakery going out of business!

    Those 26 turnovers resulted in 30 points for Mississippi State...we lost by 17 points...been this way for the last 2 years and nothing being done to correct turnovers. Coach Rick Barnes has the method....turnover in practice, the player must immediately run up and down the steps from bottom to...
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    Holly Warlick post-game SEC vs. Mississippi State

    Those 26 turnovers produced 30 Missouri points...LV lost by 16 points....those turnovers were the difference in the game....Warlkck has never addressed the turnovers. On the other hand in practice Coach Rick Barnes makes a player with a turnover run up and down the arena steps....note usually...
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    Turnovers - LV 26 for the Game - Record for the Year

    Again Coach Harley Warlick has not addressed the "turnovers" of the LV team...26 against Mississippi State is possibly the record for the year! The figures has not yet been published on how many points Mississippi State scored off those turnovers. They were probably more than the margin of...
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    So who do you hire?

    Absolutely none of them! First choice a winner in everything she has done....Kara Lawson. Second, Kelly Jolly Harper, she has turned the programs around at Western Carolina and now at Missouri State. Her father was a high school basketball coach, she played for Pat Summit on 3 national...
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    Ole miss fan base...What?

    Give credit to the Ole Miss coach taking a mike at the end of the game specifically requesting the fans not to continue to throw stuff on the court. I also feel the refs were too easy on his persistence with the officials...should have been given a technical to end his persistence.
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    CHW Does Nothing Concerning Turnover

    Wrong!!! The program under CHW gets worse each year. She is a total embarrassment to the accomplishments of Pat Summit and the UT sports programs. She needs to get on her motorcycle and ride off into the sunset. Worse yet, the whole situation will continue as AD Fulmer sticks his head in the...
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    CHW Does Nothing Concerning Turnover

    As I write this there is 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter of the LV UT vs SC basketball game. UT is behind by 12 points. Why? The LV have 12 turnovers while SC has only 3. Game after game, CHW does absolutely nothing to correct the situation. Something has to be done now or the program is going...
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    Gwen Jackson post on the Lady Vols Facebook page

    Probably not since she had CHW as an assistant coach. Noted that she just plane ignored any comments on the coaching. If you do not have anything good to say, it tells a whole lot about the coaching situation.
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    Gwen Jackson post on the Lady Vols Facebook page

    Great article by a former player. She covered everything except CHW as a coach. She just did not comment on it period that says more than anything else. That to me tells the much of the story. Kara Lawson or Kelly Jolly Harper come home and let's get the LV back on track again.
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    CHW - All the Wrong Records

    The college women's basketball polls came out today...not even one vote for Tennessee. That has to be a record of some sort, maybe back to when Pat Summit took over the program. This may be the first time in history that the LV do not even make it to the NCAA play offs. The LV offence is...
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    Holly replacement?

    Certainly the best women's coach out there, but she is highly paid...possibly $3 to $5 million.
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    Questions about Lady Vol team

    Nothing has been done by CHW to address the turnovers and other matters...there have been games with 21 turnovers. We have a "standing offense" some of the other teams and compare. The ball is moved around the perimeter until the clock runs out. Bring Kelly Jolly Harper home from...
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    Congrats Kellie For Huge Road Win Over Drake!

    Amen! Amen! Remember after playing for Pat Summit on National Championship teams, she became an assistant at Auburn under Joe Ciampi and learned plenty about defense too. I would gladly support her to take over the LV program and restore it to what it was under Pat Summit.
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    Who would you talk to and what would you like to know?

    Kyra Elzy was defense, defense, and defense. Do we have it now? No.
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    Lady Vols are BACK!!!

    Close???? Fifteen point loss is not close!!! The only thing that was good was only 11 turnovers while ND had 13 and Free Throw shooting which was 75%. We stayed with ND in the first half only because they were not hitting anything. So 7 losses in a row and with 8 coming against LSU ....CHW is...
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    Dan Fleser let go by News Sentinel

    I am sad to see Dan Fleser released by he News Sentinel. Often I had personal e-mail exchanges with him about some particular subject concerning the LV. He was always very gracious in supplying information that I requested. What a shame to see him released. Would have been better if the News...
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    Same Ole Crap from CHW

    Added comment after the game. Well we lost again. LV had only 4 personal fouls with Arkansas to get the ball at the end of the court with 10.4 seconds. In that situation you foul (no free throws for the foul) Arkansas before the ball crosses the halfway point with about 5 seconds left and having...
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    Same Ole Crap from CHW

    10 turnovers in the first half and 10% shooting 3-point shots (1 of 10) with absolutely no defense against Arkansas and 3-point shots will not win ball games. We have lost 4 in a row and probably Arkansas to make it 5...then we play Notre Dame which should be 6 loses in a row with supposedly the...
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    Holly.....Its So Hard To Say Goodbye!

    Under Pat Summit and attendance of 13,000, the LV were producing a profit of about $1.5 million dollars per year...few women's college basketball programs are profitable. Under Coach Harley Warlick the attendance ig less than 8,000 per game and is now a loss of $2 million dollars...that is...

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